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Tumbuk Kau..

Cerita muda bikin sakit kepala Bila cari duit banyak alasan pula Biar seringgit lama-lama jadi bukit Hidup susah tidak lagi terhimpit Apa-apa pun dari kita saja baitu..

Like seriously years gone so fast..So fast that sometimes we missed out a lot of for an example I missed my friend's once in a lifetime wedding, I missed the company's annual dinner, I missed out the once in every 25 years jewels promotion (LoL) and bla3..hak3..but the most important thing is, we're gettin' older day by day..

But hey, keep chillin' and stay cool bebeh..hak3..2015 is coming and altho it may be a tough year for all of us, pLease celebrate with joy and happiness..

My wish list for 2015: 1. No bluffing stupid ideology..Like seriously my number 1 wishlist...

2. Low and affordable living cost...Please stop exploiting the housing/property market..why do YOU feel so happy when people gotta rent to take shelter..or more and more people becoming homeless? ..ow…