Sunday, December 1, 2013

The hardest Thing

You meant a lot to me
Remembering back the years we've spent together
It's just like a fairy tale or a bedtime stories
A tale that only God knows

I'm reading a story book that touches my soul..You know, it reminds me of the past sometimes (pretending to be the character in the story..hahaha)..Well, allow me to copy & paste some of the content here...kekekee..It sounds like this:

"You know, one day I'll be gone forever in your life and won't come back anymore..?..You know, that day will be the hardest thing for me and I want you to know that..

Still remember those days when I first met you...Those days where the fireworks blooming all over the skies and we were watching it from the windows...

Still remember those days when we traveled all over the place going nowhere but we still enjoyed it..Those days where the winds blowing softly and taking us to a beautiful places on earth..

I remember every single thing we've been through...It's hard, it's painful sometimes..but most of the time, it makes me smile...

Altho' I am really sure one day I'll be gone..but I wont forget you..leaving you behind is the hardest thing for me..I will be lost without you...but there are things in this world that we can't avoid..Only Heaven and Earth knows that....but please remember...I will always be the wind blowing by yourside...anywhere..everywhere...:)"

Ok:..I wanna continue my reading now....nyto world...(Anyway, Happy birthday to me)..

~just me
aLiph@rAy jR

You whore...

Dreams, that's where I have to go
To see the very beautiful wishes
Where hunger and loneliness does not exist

Where the stars shining day and night..Although it's just a dream

I am now sitting here @ KLCC starbuck wasting my sunday evening while doing my routine (people's view). I was walking around the mall awhile ago doing the so called window shopping thingy and you know what, I think I don't like the idea of 'Window shopping'. It's killing me...! 20, 40, 60 and even 80% Year End Sale.!!.HELP ME..!.hahahaa....(please spend wisely aliph)...anyway:

Story #1:

It's still fresh in my mind on this one..I remembered couple months back when I was attending a so call an amazing party "the Rave jungle"..You know where's the venue? National Zoo..Amazing isn't it..?haha..

Anyway, that's not the point right now (altho I seriously wanna criticize the event..hak3). Straight to the point...We (me and my mates) were standing at one corner when suddenly a young lady stood infront of us wanted to pass by (I knew even she didn't asked for an excuse at that time). So being a good looking gentleman, I humbly asked for a way from my friends so she can pass through..You know what happened next?

She reacted like this: "Euwwww...yaksss...shuh shuh..." and doing the hand movement thingy. (well, im sure you know how)..
Ohh My God, did she just reacted like we're a bunch of a mad dogs desperate to lick on her..??.Oh no...!

At that time, I don't care about moral values or the values of being a gentlemen anymore..and I do not care whatever gender she is anymore..(because I was so mad)..You know what I did?

She was standing next to her friends chit chatting when I walked straight into her and bumped her on the shoulder..Like I really mean it..(She began to look at me with the wildest eyes ever and screamed at me: Hey you..!)

But before she could ever finished the words, I cut it through by yelling back at her.."yeah B*tch..! What is it that you're not satisfied with.?..U tell me before I punch you on you're F* face...(Everyone was shocked and in a deep silent for a while)..(believe me I did that..hahahaha)...This is just like a Cat fight don't you think so.?...Awesome..hahaha..

Then I found out that she is a daughter of a local minister...Haaaa..No wonder she behaved like that...Anyway guys, Altho my reaction at that time was not good at all, I just wanted to say:

a) We are all human and everyone are equals no matter what status you are..
b) And believe me, if you are a bunch of spoilt kids standing on you parents wealth..You do not own my respect at all..
c) A minister's daughter behaved like that.?.Well man, I do have dozens of "inherited type" of friends but they do not behave like you at all..
d) And trust me, you're not even on my "Class"..not even close..(Oh yeah, I ranked her way below because of her attitude + she's just not yet on the labelling "class" thingy.....hahahaha)..

Forgive me....

I'm having a great day today with 6 pieces of Big apple, 3 pieces of crazy crunch chicken and a cup of Mocha....+ (nice views of people)...hahahaha...

 ~just me
aLiph@rAy jR