The hardest Thing

You meant a lot to me
Remembering back the years we've spent together
It's just like a fairy tale or a bedtime stories
A tale that only God knows

I'm reading a story book that touches my soul..You know, it reminds me of the past sometimes (pretending to be the character in the story..hahaha)..Well, allow me to copy & paste some of the content here...kekekee..It sounds like this:

"You know, one day I'll be gone forever in your life and won't come back anymore..?..You know, that day will be the hardest thing for me and I want you to know that..

Still remember those days when I first met you...Those days where the fireworks blooming all over the skies and we were watching it from the windows...

Still remember those days when we traveled all over the place going nowhere but we still enjoyed it..Those days where the winds blowing softly and taking us to a beautiful places on earth..

I remember every single thing we've been through...It's hard, it's painful sometimes..but most of the time, it makes me smile...

Altho' I am really sure one day I'll be gone..but I wont forget you..leaving you behind is the hardest thing for me..I will be lost without you...but there are things in this world that we can't avoid..Only Heaven and Earth knows that....but please remember...I will always be the wind blowing by yourside...anywhere..everywhere...:)"

Ok:..I wanna continue my reading now....nyto world...(Anyway, Happy birthday to me)..

~just me
aLiph@rAy jR


Anonymous said…
Love every single words..wat book is it?
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure whether I'll regret saying this here. But oh heck. I just want to let it out.
I have some sort of admiration towards you.. probably something more. But yeah. That's just me.
Things happened but I'm not here to burden you with such feelings.. I just need a place to say it cause I know I aint got the guts to say it to your face...
I'm nowhere in your league.. and yeah, probably I'm just not up for any reply. Hahah

bahhhhh! Haih.. Im sorry.
Take care Ray.


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