Don'T die yet

It's not you

It's me

Been so messed up lately with all the hectic life. Despite all sort of courage and determination, i still can't cope sometimes...Lol..anyway, lots of things to share with anyone altho I know this is just another lonely page...

story 1#:

 I am building up a small dream house with my own's very small with a very nice chimney, an angel potret on the wall and a farm ville sort of overview....until, one day a neighbour passed by and gave her feedback...

Concern neighbour: " this a house?"
me: " ohh yess..its just a small house..(smiling innocently)"
Concern neighbour: "euwww..its so small..why dont u just build a house instead..And what is that on the right side? that a chinese religious altar?"
me: "owh dear aunty, this is a HOUSE...and fyi, its not a chinese religious altar, it's the chimney"

Thank God I am matured enough not to curse an innocent aunt...Thank God my parents tought me to become a good human being...Thank God that He is the almighty and He knows the best. If I am not, I would have said these to the neighbour "Hey bad breath lady, I didn't even used any of your penny to build this house. And for the record, this small hut built from my personal savings. The money that I saved and not spending it in the club like your Son did to your money..(Forgive me)...That Chinese look like altar you were talking about, it is actually an Oven to burn "bad mouth witches like you" so that they'll repent. LOL...I'm not that bad..It's just an expression from the bad side of me..anyway, forget it and move on..Don't be demoralized will you Alip? You're not that weak...:)

story 2#

I was so happy like never before when i heard about this news... I Passed my "Accelerated grade assessment" aka (AGA=bukan nama sebenar) (a promotion exam thingy)..So all in my mind was.."YEAHHH...!!..i can be a senior Engineer now...!! and the best thing increase of salary..!!" until..

1. me writing an email asking for a promotion: "Dear human resource, I have recently passed my assessment and I seek your advice on what is the procedure for my promotion"..
##No reply
2. me writing again: Dear human resource, I am writing again  and asking your kind goodself to advice me please"
##No reply
3. I called them more than anyone ever did to their loves one....
##Not picking up

Last I heard, the rumors spread around that I am a new staff and what a dreamer asking for a promotion. Yeah, I heard it from the open street. hmm, shouldn't we keep certain things as confidential? I thought we are professional enough to differentiate our job and personal matters? well, maybe not everyone does dont you think so? Lol..So, just forget it Alip..some other time maybe. I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough..hak3. "Aja2 fighting...!!"..:)

Story 3#

One fine day, I've received a box of Pos Laju from anonymous. It's a big box and was heavy. Well I opened it up and you know what is it inside? Scroll down will ya.. It's an amazing thing from an amazing blogger "Aku-Sebuah-Blog" Thank you my friend for still remembering me..I really2 appreciate it.Guys, please send me a nice flower when I die one day will you? hahaha.

So many things to talk about..but let's keep it for the next post shall we?.hek3 (how I hope so)..I am reading this one cool book "Life is an Open secret"..and I like this one..

"One recipe for a longer life is never to exceed the speed limit"

~just me
rAy jR@aLiph


Anonymous said…
Shall we go now? This starbucks not belong to my dad for us to stay here forever..pffftt~
zoulmzmn said…
nice house with a nice fountain :)
NUke_Rude said…
Lama tak baca writing ko. Haha. Hidup lagi rupanya. Heh
NUke_Rude said…
Lama tak baca writing ko. Haha. Hidup lagi rupanya. Heh
NUke_Rude said…
Lama gila tak baca writing ko.. hidup lagi rupanya. Heh.
AAA Jr. said…
finallyyyyy, terisi jugak blog ni. kehkeh :) waiting on weather? Hahaha
Zoulmzmn= thanks bro...but its very very tiny hut...hehehe
Nuke: ang pon lama mghilang bro...sunyi sepiii...huk3
Aaa jr: seyes lama xblog...but i misses it so badly..during our time...sob3
Shin: tgk penulis laaaa...mcm chomel mcm chomel..hahahahaa..damnnn...
Once upon a blogger said…
It may be a house to others,
but it's not just a house to you.
It's your home. :)

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