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Lari rumah~

Running away doesn't mean we are afraid Running away doesn't mean we are a coward But sometimes, running away makes us more matured

There was once when i tried to run away from home, leave everything behind, leave all the miserable life and ready to start a new life. It was very tough in the beginning..very very very tough... But as time passed, experiences teaches us to be more matured......and I survived~~~
I believed you can do it....Aja-aja fighting....!!!!!

~just me rAy Jr@Aliph

Kakak Tough~!

Shot me out of the sky Even when I'm playing cool Cause I'm dying to hear you sing
(Kakak tough..bukan gambar sebenar..)

p/s: I was walking down the hall at KLCC when I saw 1 Kakak tough walked so fast and passed me by. p/s: And then I Saw 2 sotong guy was taking picture infront of me.. ..Posing ala model bikini...damn... p/s: The Kakak looked at them and smile sarcastically (Mengolok-ngolok).
p/s: Suddenly BUMMM...!!..she hit the wall infront of her and fall down.... p/s: I looked at her, passed her by and smile sarcastically. (karma2...kakakakakaka)... p/s: Sumpah aku rasa berdosa ngn kakak tu...Sorry kakak..aku sayanggg kauu...:p...hak3

Aku punyaii patung bwrna kuning..I called her ApLe kecik..she sleeps all the time..setiap kali aku balik rumah, she will wait for me in front of the door.
Dia kuat makannn..tengah2 malam bukak peti ais curi makan...caittttt..p tdoq ang ApLe kecik.huh.;p.
I worked day and night..until I forgot that I have not been home since a month ago...and I misses…

Mentally Wrong

A friend of mine told me "You are Mentally Wrong" Am I?
( "mentally wrong"?)

I have been blogging since 2005 as far as I can recalled. And since that, byk post2 em0e, 18 tahun ke atas & etc2....yet i never stop until today...why? because i will only write when I feel sad or angry..That's all...(xdak kena mngena ngn tajok..cilakak lari tajok..kakaka)

p/s: Curse you backyard..again kau emo2..sudah la kauuu..hahahaa..
p/s: Sumpaah aku down ini hari....patutla member ckp aku ni "mentally wrong"..(walaupon english kauu salah weiii....!)..hahaha...
p/s: kau org....aku jeles tgk rancangan2 tv yg ada budak2 pompuan bgosip2 (=Pillow talk). I oso want pillow-pillow talk..smbil makan cencaluk cecah budu...kakakakakkaaka...

***a son ask his father.."dad, how much does it cost for a marriege?" ***The father answered.."I donno son..Im still paying until today"...


~just me rAy jR@aliph

Burung Lelaki

Man were born to fly Every man have a bird Unfortunately, they keep the bird in the cage (Kakaakaka..bodoh2)

I was away for quite sometimes searching for soul.... But wait, what kind of soul am I looking for? Lemme ask my bird first k.....kakakakaa...
I tell you man, that everyday is just the same...u wake up, do your things (work/study/etc), u come back home, eat, sleep...and again u wake up the next day...what makes your day different is the memories captured for the day..(sweet/angry/laughter/tears)...
But hey, don't stop there..flow with the wind and make sure u smile even just for a while...when you're down, when you're sad, tears and anger in your heart, with all means just let it go......stand down to the ground (ex-boss aku ckp dulu..walaupun aku slalu lawan cakap..kakaakaka)....
Go to an empty corner and cry or pissed-off or whatever...(relief Valves)..once you're done, put a smile on your face and start to live ain't dead man....hehehe...Kuch-kuc…

Strange world

Dis is really a different world...I struggled..but along the way...i failed...but hey...I start walking again..hehehe..pysho?..yeah, most of d time...wekkkk....

~just me
rAy jR@aliphh..


I have to admit it..Sumpah aku rindu zaman dulu kala tatkala blogger2 zaman kita masih aktif...

I have to admit it, zaman itu sunnguh excited bagai sang suria..
I have to admit it...Aku rindu kau org semua yg kini entah hilang kemana...
I have to admit it, Kau org make my life beautiful..
I have to admit it, I cant lose u guys...All of u...All..

Buah-buah hatiku, aku berusaha utk rep komen kau org..tpi sbb aku slalu sgt usha porn, byk spam kt lappy..

p/s: syuk, qarl, joey, jejaka, AAA jr,nuke, op, tengku, dino, faiz, afzainizam, eddy, sweety, nabel, anym, sierra, apan, atok, yaya, Leeya, KA, rowena, ejay, mr gila, wanzai, najmie, hans, oceanus, penny, jantan keparat, frodo, tubelawak  etc2....its 4 am now..i cant type all...

dan itu aku:
rAy Jr@Aliph