There are no boundaries
Between You and the World outside

Back in the office, my colleagues keep talkin' about the places they went to such as Europe, Asia, Africa etc2. And then I look at myself and wonder, why didn't I join them and explore all those places. Well, I know exactly whats the answer. Provide me with a free ticket and I'll go wherever you wanna go. Hahaha..(Nonsense..lalala)

Anyway, forget about that since I cant afford to have a free time (lying..haha)...You know the first time I went offshore by fast crew boat, it tooks me almost 5 hours. It was a rough sea and my head was spinning around and around and around...i'm a seaman now...hak3...this is just a piece of a crap..(Stop mumbling..hak3)

Just wanna wish you guys a happy festive season..Salam Syawal...

~just me
Ray Jr@Aliph


Qarl said…
Happy Eid Mubarak, Ray
tengku_fir21 said…
dah mula jadi speaker ker?
selamat hari raya..ko dah kaya nak duit raya

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