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Aja2 fighting.....

Dear all,

I wouldn't have to change my layout, or put on a loud speaker to everyone saying, "guys, Im back". Because I know, by the end of the day, I will be gone again..and come back..and gone...etc3..

Today, what I wanna do is to tell u a bedtime story;

I've been living a harastic life since 1969 and i do not foresee its gonna change. Altho' I've been complaining most of the time.

I never dream to be a minister, or a businessman or perhaps a millionaire. But yet, I envy them for what they have in their lives. I started my career as a waiter-storekeeper-waiter-storekeeper-waiter etc3...I enjoyed it anyway. Eventho' it was tiring as I was just 10 when i'm started. Well, i got atleast $200 a month anyway. That $200 brings so much joy as far as I remember.

For almost hundreds of years, we've been living in our beautiful house made by our father and we loved it so much. But perhaps, happiness is not meant for us (maybe)...Fire swept it away, brings t…