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You cant simply satisfy everybody without killing yourself Because everyone will only start to talk good about you when you're dead

There is something about me that needs a clear elaboration for the purpose of "Please no misunderstanding"...

p/s: I do not change myself because of other people..No I don't p/s: I do what I wanna do and I do not stop because you asked me to p/s: I dont like being controlled or observed and vice versa p/s: Most important thing is, I dont like people ask me a thousands questions p/s: I just wanna enjoy mylife and having a peace of mind.. p/s: Please no misunderstanding because I never transform since 1969 p/s: Everyone knows I clubbed, I smoked, etc..etc..etc..and they do not have problem with that p/s: And life's goes well..You happy, i'm happy..We all happy..

att: That's why I said, satisfying everybody means we're dead...Just so you know.. att: Sometimes, ignorance is the med.....who cares..........

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph