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Just a quick preview..xmo tulis sajak2..huh..;p

p/s: smlm aku p imigration settle work permit..(after 2 months oredy..;p)

Aku: Encik, saya mau buat permit keja (dlm bi la..baru voque..hak3)
Pegawai: Ok, saya explain semua prosedur..(membebel pnjang..1 jam+)
Aku: EPF ngn SOCSO mcamana..?
Pegawai: ..Owh..dont worry, that is only for Malaysian..
Aku: haaa..?.. i am a Malaysian..
Pegawai: OMG..I thot u're a Philipinos..seriously..
Aku: ....(Speechless)...Sentap tahap gaban..!

p/s: Arghhh...sakit urat saraf aku ni hah...
p/s: work permit xlulus dol...cilakaakk...
p/s: Terasa mcm dlm blutin utama pulak..

"Beberapa org placur warga asing telah ditangkap di kelab malam atas kesalahan Menyalah gunakan pas lawatan sosial utk bkerja"

p/s: Tapi saya bkn engineer yg mncri rzki scara halal...;p
p/s: arghhhhh...tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........(pengsan)...
p/s: Tragik bukan..?...(pitam)...;p

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph


Again It's a long journey mate

I once thot', that I am the best for for every single thing. But, as the saying goes, Nobody's perfect..And I realized, that I am still the best, to be so call.."Losers"...

p/s: I always give d same excuse, everytime i wanna escape from work
Aku: Bos, I'll be late for work today..Going to the bank Bos: Alright mate. No problem..

Hari-hari yang laen..
Aku: Bos, I got something to do in the bank today..Will leave early Bos: Alright mate..No problem...

Bos: Kerani, kau dh bank in cheque dari client.. Kerani: Owh, saya baru balik dri bank..Tp terlupa nak bank in.. Bos: Its ok....Maybe this is the time I I started asking...

Bos: Ray, kau xnak pegi bank hari ni...????? Aku: .............(speechless...makan dalam siallllllllllll)..kakakakakakaka

p/s: Cilakakkk bos....koyak rabak kemaluan aku tauu..kakakakaka p/s: Malu I ngn cik kerani tau...aishhh.....hak3..;p

~just me rAy jR@Aliph

public toilet

I started with zero And now I ended up with tonnes

I know its hard for me to start again after years of quitting and never looked back. But I keep convinced myself that, I can do much better than I was before. Because I believe, its good to start with zero rather than never start at all..

p/s: Few days ago I received a text message from an anym p/s: It says:

Anym: Hi, bole bkawan..? Aku: Ellooo...who's dis? Anym: my name is...****...  Aku: owh..ic..ok, no prob..bley je bkwan...btw, how u get my nmber? Anym: I got it from d public toilet..It says "Hot guy, plz call..01******* Aku: (Parkinson dol)...*istana takeshi..attackingggggg...!..hak3

p/s: Wat? publicity is in d public toilet now?.. p/s: Dol, seriously, i dont mind nk bkawan2 ni..but, p/s: Berkenalan thru public toilet..hmm... p/s: Wa xpnah tulis2 nmbor kt mana2 dinding dol...not even on d paper

att: Now i'm busy doing.... att: Architecture design, project planning, Engineering prject & Rugby.. att: they're great team... at…

Pak Guard

Once in a while Look out of your window And breath in the air No matter how much polluted it is That is your world outside there

A friend of mine asked me these questions. What is the meaning of friendship if you don't keep track on each other? Why do you always say that you're busy as you're excuses altho' you're not?....Hmm..Speechless...

p/s: I fly everywhere almost every week p/s: Here and there, in and out, skyscrapers, modern, odd, rivers, skies etc2 p/s: Well, I do have responsibilities ain't I..?.. p/s: Last week time aku tabah & gigih maen design2... p/s: Aku tdengar adegan kerani opis ngn bos australian aku..maka aku psang telinga bsaq2
Bos: Have you talk to the tax people regarding our tax deduction for this month? Kerani: Not yet..I dont have their number.. Bos: Well, u shud talk to them as soon as possible yeah.. Bos: Anyway, they're a nice guy... Kerani: Owh really...u mean the security is it..?..yeah, the security is good guy Bos:No, I mean the tax peopl…