Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aku rindu

I know the world outside is tough
I know the world can offers me many things..As in many
But I dont know what lies beneath the world thereafter
I just dont..And I'm scared to know

Aku terasa masa berlalu begitu pantas..kenangan demi kenangan..kegembiraan, kebencian, kesayuan, kesedihan dan segala-galanya...

Wahai masa, hentikanlah larian mu..ayuh kita berjalan bersama...aku merayu....

Wahai angin, hentikan la tiupan kencangmu...bertiup la sepoi-sepoi bahasa...

Aku merindui segala-galanya...walau baik mahupun buruk kejadian hidupku...

~dan itu aku
rAy jR@Aliph

Friday, November 25, 2011

fak face....

Its Friday and I dont give a damn about whatever
I hate your bloody fak face
and I hate your freakin annoying voice

Di hari jumaat yg mulia ini, aku xmau mncarut2...
Tapi when i look at your face, i feel like i wanna "shoot" you on your face...

fak face la siallllll ko ni..................lantak ang laa...aku xamik port....

-dan itu bukan aku
Ray Jr@ Aliph

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shut Up

Shut up

-Hati aku panas sial ini hari...
-Just stop calling me and talks about crap
-Sumpah aku xmau amik tahu
-Kau xhabis2 dengan kisah kau...
-Dan drama kau
-Aahhh..sudahh...Hentikan semuanya.....

~just me
Ray Jr@Aliph

Thursday, September 1, 2011


There's a time in a day
Where tonnes of burden popping around in my head
But when I closed my eyes and feel the tenderness of the wind
I realized that the wind is always with me

Cintaku bukan di atas kertas..(erkkkkk...apakah..??..)..Pagi2 buta aku bangun tidur..(padahal pkul 11 ante-meridien)..hak3..bukak tv, layan lagu siti....goshh..wat happen to me..hak3..sambil layan lagu sambil berkhayal..And then i remember lagu ini popular time aku sekolah menengah..(memori d kantin sekolah sewaktu mencuri hotdog bersama kawan2..aku xmau bdosa sorg2..)...kakakakaka..

But Anyway, the point is...Songs and melody...It brings us so much memories...Sometimes you wouldn't remember about the past, but melodies will eventually reminds you..(ohh please, pasai paa aku dok merepek d pagi buta niiiee...hak3..wekkkk)

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph

Monday, August 29, 2011


There are no boundaries
Between You and the World outside

Back in the office, my colleagues keep talkin' about the places they went to such as Europe, Asia, Africa etc2. And then I look at myself and wonder, why didn't I join them and explore all those places. Well, I know exactly whats the answer. Provide me with a free ticket and I'll go wherever you wanna go. Hahaha..(Nonsense..lalala)

Anyway, forget about that since I cant afford to have a free time (lying..haha)...You know the first time I went offshore by fast crew boat, it tooks me almost 5 hours. It was a rough sea and my head was spinning around and around and around...i'm a seaman now...hak3...this is just a piece of a crap..(Stop mumbling..hak3)

Just wanna wish you guys a happy festive season..Salam Syawal...

~just me
Ray Jr@Aliph

Friday, July 8, 2011

Aja2 fighting.....

Dear all,

I wouldn't have to change my layout, or put on a loud speaker to everyone saying, "guys, Im back". Because I know, by the end of the day, I will be gone again..and come back..and gone...etc3..

Today, what I wanna do is to tell u a bedtime story;

I've been living a harastic life since 1969 and i do not foresee its gonna change. Altho' I've been complaining most of the time.

I never dream to be a minister, or a businessman or perhaps a millionaire. But yet, I envy them for what they have in their lives. I started my career as a waiter-storekeeper-waiter-storekeeper-waiter etc3...I enjoyed it anyway. Eventho' it was tiring as I was just 10 when i'm started. Well, i got atleast $200 a month anyway. That $200 brings so much joy as far as I remember.

For almost hundreds of years, we've been living in our beautiful house made by our father and we loved it so much. But perhaps, happiness is not meant for us (maybe)...Fire swept it away, brings together with it all the joy. Everything...everything...and all...and all...

We've been living a hard life eversince. Our parents doesnt love each other anymore and decided to divorce. Years gone by but it still fresh in my head. I keep on reminding myself every single day. Wake-up and dont give up.

I always had this dream, if u still remember Mr bean's brown teddy bear..?..Yes, im talking about the doll..I always had these dreams where it came to me and yelling at me "aja2 fighting"...(quoted from the Korean drama series, Full House)...Of all words in the world, I dont know why "aja2 fgtg"..confused....

But then again, I realized..that my life doesnt ends there..It tells me to rise-up and beat-up like I always did on the dance floor (except, this is a different version..;p..)..

And that is why, Im standing here today, looking at a brand new car, thinking of buying the 2nd car..while waiting for our newly design home sweet home, to be completed...And yes, Im glad to tell my family, stop saying "i wish I can buy those things"..because, we gonna buy it...(at last)

At last, I make my own good money..a boy who started working as a waiter, at the age of 10 with $200 a month...

And now, I wanna get back to my dream, to say thank you..and be grateful....Fulfill your dream my friends..

Ray Jr

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You cant simply satisfy everybody without killing yourself
Because everyone will only start to talk good about you when you're dead

There is something about me that needs a clear elaboration for the purpose of "Please no misunderstanding"...

p/s: I do not change myself because of other people..No I don't
p/s: I do what I wanna do and I do not stop because you asked me to
p/s: I dont like being controlled or observed and vice versa
p/s: Most important thing is, I dont like people ask me a thousands questions
p/s: I just wanna enjoy mylife and having a peace of mind..
p/s: Please no misunderstanding because I never transform since 1969
p/s: Everyone knows I clubbed, I smoked, etc..etc..etc..and they do not have problem with that
p/s: And life's goes well..You happy, i'm happy..We all happy..

att: That's why I said, satisfying everybody means we're dead...Just so you know..
att: Sometimes, ignorance is the med.....who cares..........

~just me

rAy jR@Aliph

Friday, April 15, 2011

si tua

When you feel that the sunshine is shining all day
And suddenly the raindrops fall from up above
That is where you realize
Lives goes fast

You know how long it tooks me to post an entry in my blogspot?..at least an hour..You know why I posted an entry?..Its always because I wanna entertain myself...and running away from all d mess...Otakku serabut seyesly...

p/s: For me, payday means = byar hutang piutang
p/s: makanya, aku xsuka payday......
p/s: STOPPP......

att: Aku ada 2 org housemate stewardess (statement kasik bunyi kuat2 punya..beliur kau org..ka3)
att: boleh dia org bwk aku msuk kelab org tua2..lendir2 pon xdak tau x..caittt..

Aku: hey sengkek.!!...ni pasai pa hangout kt club org tua2 ni?
Sengkek2: aiiiiii.....yg tua2 la bgus..byk uwang....
Aku: oittt sengkek..!!...Aku nk cuci mata weyyy..bukan main kikis2 uwang....hak3

p/s: Sila layan perasaanku...aku ini anak yg bsopan dan xtahu dosa2 dunia..;p
p/s: Hari ini hari jumaat.....Bos aku kata..

"Friday is beer day"........Ohhh....myy...God.....(insap2 la bos)

p/s: aku pakai baju melayu wei ari ni..!!.tolong la.....tak senonohhhh...!!...kakakakaa

~just me

rAy jR@Aliph

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

ikan kekek

Sometimes I think to myself
Am I playing with the fire here
Should I or should I not
But hey, close your eyes
And breath in..You'll fine the answer

Isn't it beautiful when you have a day dreaming and visualizing yourself in the middle of the farm with lots and lots of colorful flowers...dancing around...singing out-loud...But then you realized that, its just a day dream..Damn..

Jenab: Rogayah, angkat kain...hari nak ujan...!!
Rogayah: Diam la kau jenab..Aku lada mulut kau karang...
Jenab: Amboi2 Yah..dah pandai mnjawab skg ni yee..cubit kang mulut tu hah..
Rogayah: helllloooo...cubit2 xmaen ek...kau jgn nak menggatal sana..bagi batang payung kang...

Cukuppppp..!!..jgn tokok tmbah..kang laen jadiknye..kakakaka.

p/s: erkkkkk...dialog itu sering bermaen2 di kepala otak aku skunk ni
p/s: mcm2 dialog la...time2 keje plak laa nak maen2 dialog..cait..kakakaa
p/s: utk beberapa ketika aku xupdate blog@fb@ym@bbm@twit...
p/s: semua org igt aku sudah mati...ehem3..

p/s: amboi2 engkau org..xbagi kebahagiaan lgsung kt aku ek
p/s: apa kau org igt aku dh mati katakkk..?..hak3
p/s: idup agi laaaa..bahagia disamping pokok2...kakakaaka

att: aku ingin menjadi seorang lelaki...bukan jantan...!!!..apakah..?..
att: dan kau pulak...jadilah seorang perempuan..bukan betina..yeahhh..;p

Ray jR@Aliph is listening to..."ikan kekek"...wtf??...(wednesday,thursday, friday)..;p

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Just a quick preview..xmo tulis sajak2..huh..;p

p/s: smlm aku p imigration settle work permit..(after 2 months oredy..;p)

Aku: Encik, saya mau buat permit keja (dlm bi la..baru voque..hak3)
Pegawai: Ok, saya explain semua prosedur..(membebel pnjang..1 jam+)
Aku: EPF ngn SOCSO mcamana..?
Pegawai: ..Owh..dont worry, that is only for Malaysian..
Aku: haaa..?.. i am a Malaysian..
Pegawai: OMG..I thot u're a Philipinos..seriously..
Aku: ....(Speechless)...Sentap tahap gaban..!

p/s: Arghhh...sakit urat saraf aku ni hah...
p/s: work permit xlulus dol...cilakaakk...
p/s: Terasa mcm dlm blutin utama pulak..

"Beberapa org placur warga asing telah ditangkap di kelab malam atas kesalahan Menyalah gunakan pas lawatan sosial utk bkerja"

p/s: Tapi saya bkn plcur...sy engineer yg mncri rzki scara halal...;p
p/s: arghhhhh...tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........(pengsan)...
p/s: Tragik bukan..?...(pitam)...;p

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's a long journey mate

I once thot', that I am the best for for every single thing. But, as the saying goes, Nobody's perfect..And I realized, that I am still the best, to be so call.."Losers"...

p/s: I always give d same excuse, everytime i wanna escape from work

Aku: Bos, I'll be late for work today..Going to the bank
Bos: Alright mate. No problem..

Hari-hari yang laen..

Aku: Bos, I got something to do in the bank today..Will leave early
Bos: Alright mate..No problem...


Bos: Kerani, kau dh bank in cheque dari client..
Kerani: Owh, saya baru balik dri bank..Tp terlupa nak bank in..
Bos: Its ok....Maybe this is the time I I started asking...

Bos: Ray, kau xnak pegi bank hari ni...?????
Aku: .............(speechless...makan dalam siallllllllllll)..kakakakakakaka

p/s: Cilakakkk bos....koyak rabak kemaluan aku tauu..kakakakaka
p/s: Malu I ngn cik kerani tau...aishhh.....hak3..;p

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

public toilet

I started with zero
And now I ended up with tonnes

I know its hard for me to start again after years of quitting and never looked back. But I keep convinced myself that, I can do much better than I was before. Because I believe, its good to start with zero rather than never start at all..

p/s: Few days ago I received a text message from an anym
p/s: It says:

Anym: Hi, bole bkawan..?
Aku: Ellooo...who's dis?
Anym: my name is...****... 
Aku: owh..ic..ok, no prob..bley je bkwan...btw, how u get my nmber?
Anym: I got it from d public toilet..It says "Hot guy, plz call..01*******
Aku: (Parkinson dol)...*istana takeshi..attackingggggg...!..hak3

p/s: Wat?..my publicity is in d public toilet now?..
p/s: Dol, seriously, i dont mind nk bkawan2 ni..but,
p/s: Berkenalan thru public toilet..hmm...
p/s: Wa xpnah tulis2 nmbor kt mana2 dinding dol...not even on d paper

att: Now i'm busy doing....
att: Architecture design, project planning, Engineering prject & Rugby..
att: they're great team...
att: I'm flying again tomorrow...oustation..huuu

Note: U can find my number in d public toilet now..coz i'm d new toilet celeb..erkkk
Note: My gosh...!!...its sounded like a bitch...sialan lu cowok murahan..hak3..

~just me
rAy jR@Aliph

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pak Guard

Once in a while
Look out of your window
And breath in the air
No matter how much polluted it is
That is your world outside there

A friend of mine asked me these questions. What is the meaning of friendship if you don't keep track on each other? Why do you always say that you're busy as you're excuses altho' you're not?....Hmm..Speechless...

p/s: I fly everywhere almost every week
p/s: Here and there, in and out, skyscrapers, modern, odd, rivers, skies etc2
p/s: Well, I do have responsibilities ain't I..?..
p/s: Last week time aku tabah & gigih maen design2...
p/s: Aku tdengar adegan kerani opis ngn bos australian aku..maka aku psang telinga bsaq2

Bos: Have you talk to the tax people regarding our tax deduction for this month?
Kerani: Not yet..I dont have their number..
Bos: Well, u shud talk to them as soon as possible yeah..
Bos: Anyway, they're a nice guy...
Kerani: Owh really...u mean the security is it..?..yeah, the security is good guy
Bos: No, I mean the tax people....(shocked)...

att: Damn..aku trus tgelak sorg2..yakin sungguh kau kata "security is good"
att: hak3...they're a nice guy=security..?...hak3....;p
att: Dosa wei..dosa psendakan org..larikkk...hak3

~just me
rAy jR

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Loneliness is just another stories
Stories that you can't tell
For there's nothing to talk about

p/s: Sumpah bosan dol...bosan...!
p/s: Aku pusing2 town...
p/s: Aku main makan2 msakan tempatan
p/s: Aku naik rivercruise..perahu..sampan..
p/s: Aku lepak dan terus berlepak2
p/s: Nk masuk club tp dh insaf..(padahal xdak mber)..wawawa..
p/s: Tapi jiwa ttp kosong..kosng sama skali...
p/s: Arhhh...tak usah kau mengerti...hak3...

att: Next week aku nk beli kreta..
att: Apa kau ingat beli kereta sma mcm beli gula2..?
att: Apa masalah kau ni..?..Apa kau igt gula2 itu mcm kreta ka..?
att: eeee..buruk seyh klw kreta itu mcm gula2...hak3...biul...
att: tp sweet bukan klw betul..main manis2 didalam kreta..nyum2..;p

tolongggggggg.....gigit saya sampai klimakss...cepattttttt....! kakakakakaakaka. bengap sial kau ini aliph..yg ko mntak gigit smpai klimaks ni pasai pa.?..arghh, xbley trima...hak3

~just me
rAy jR...@...Aliph

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stim pagi

Open your heart
Walk straight
And follow the light
It's meant for you

I have been their customer for such a long time. And i've been dealing with them frequently..Almost most of the time. But now, it turns out to be NO.!.When i really needed their assistance. Thank you

p/s: Pagi td aku baca newspaper..sambil menikmati tiupan angin
p/s: tiupan angin dalam bas usang yg dh bdekad2 lamanya...
p/s: it says:

"If u say u have no more reasons to live, the only place 4 u 2 b is in d grave..bcoz here in this world, is the place 4 people who wants 2 live and fight 4 their basic needs..and that's what life is"

p/s: wow..i was shocked..dan sebak hatiku..(fake sgt)..hak3
p/s: but seriously the statement is awesome...(stop it aiph)..;p

att: Anyway, bla aku turn page sebelah..aku nmpak artis half naked..
att: pergh...stim la dowh pagi2 indah camni...terasa ini dunia aku punya'
att: sambil menutup mata aku berimaginasi..dan terus berimaginasi...arghhh..
att: oiit bengap.!..bangun..!..dh smpai opis..apa kau igt ini bas bapak kau punya.?..
att: arghh..kcau stim betol..btw, i just wanna say..mybnk SUCKS..!..

~just me
 rAy jR@Aliph

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buaya darat

When the destiny comes
You have no choice but to face it
And be strong

I have chosen a path of my own. Digging bunch of a gold no matter where it takes me to. I am totally not so greedy about it. But that's how you start a good life.

p/s: Ayat basi.."ohh, lamanya xupdate blog"
p/s: So what...Aku bz cam haram..sibuk woo..sibokk..kakaka
p/s: Few days ago aku merentas sungai Rajang...perghhh..its the creation of the Creator.
p/s: Klw jatuh, pandai2 la kau berenang...tau berenang saja xckup..msti laju
p/s: Kerna klw kau merangkak slow motion kt sungai tu..alamat jd habuan sang Buaya

att: Kemudian aku masuk satu kampung
att: Cari ilham wat design..manatau dpt byk ilham tempatan..
att: Got to admit it..its rough and tough..mmg kau org xmo masuk
att: Tapi budi bahasa dia org..Aku prcaya lg baik dr diriku sndri..hak3
att: Walau aku xpaham bhasa dia org..dia ckp, aku angguk..angguk..dan angguk lg
att: Sampai satu masa dia org berkata.."Apa yg kau angguk2 ni setan.."..kakakaa

Ohhh..bos aku bg masa 1 bulan..utk design kapal kargo...klw x, aku dpecat...arghh..tolongg. Sang buaya, jgn la makan saya....Tubuh saya mmg sedappppp...Tp tiada kesucian abadi...Wakakakakakakaa..

~just me
Sang Pemimpi Sesat

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm leaving

Cause I'm leaving
On a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Babes, I'm gonna miss you all

I have been travelling a lot already. Alone I flow with the wind. I had to admit it, that its hard sometimes. Come to a stranger's land, adapting and when you started to felt in love with it, that's the time for you to leave. And never look back..Alone I go....

p/s: Hidupku bagai seorang perantau
p/s: Dan penuh dengan tanggungjawab
p/s: Walau kekadang melencong dari tujuan sebenar...;p
p/s: Kau org igt aku cool dan pelik..?..Ohh tidakk
p/s: Aku sebenarnya chomel..kakakaka..bweekkkk..geli aku alip..geli..yakss
p/s: auwwww...pelissss.....;p

att: Smlm aku p gntg rmbut kt kdai bapok..erkkk..
att: So wat..?..ada aku kisah..lawa kot dia org gnting...

Aku: Awak2, gunting rmbut sy yg paling style yekkk...
Bapok: boleh saja..asalkan hatinya senang (suara garau yg howt dan ala2 endon)
Aku: awak, apa pasai rmbut sy ni sma ja..xdak style pon..
Bapok: iya-iya..yg pentingnya didalam..klw dlmnya kata style, maka style jadinya
Aku: Tp saya pentingkn luaran..dalaman xksah...(air mata meleleh...erkk..helllloo)
Bapok: uuuiiiii..lukanya diluar ngak apa2 kok..jgn luka didalam..yg didalam itu lagi sedap bukan..?

erkkk...sambil itu kepalaku diurut mnja..aishhh...mengingau mlm tau igt kata2 kau itu....arghhhh.. dalam sungguh mksudnya..apa mksudmu itu..?.~! ka3...;p

P/S: Aku akan merindui kau org semua..Aku akan terbang ke tanah seberang sabtu ini..slamat mlm utk kau org semua. Maafkan dosa silamku..Buang yg keruh, ambik yg jernih...(euww..gedik ok statement tue..hak3)


just me:
Akulah Sang Pemimpi