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~dan itu aku

Reality is too cruel, too brutal I dont even have the right to dream
as I think about the future, tears will come out again

As I looked back at my photo folders, I saw this pics...and I dont think so I like it..There's no logical reasons, but its just that I do not like it. hahahaha...

p/s : Bukak tutup, bukak tutup email je kje aku ari ni..b0san d0wh
p/s : Pastu mber aku recommend aku tgk vid lady gaga (telephone)
p/s : Yg aq dgr. Tett. tett.. tett.. tettt. tett. woww..kakaka

att:Aku bukan superman..
att: Tlg jgn lukai lagi hati ini..CuK0p....
att: Whatever u've decided..I'll just obey..
att: Teringat mlm ngilu yg mengasyikkan..wakakaka...

~just me

Neraka itu~

Life is Karma
Repentence comes after the suffering

I have been set free...O was a relief..

p/s : Aku bebas wei..bebas..!!!
p/s : Sumpah aku rasa beban dh hilang..haha..
p/s : Bebas dari beban yg selama ni xbebaloi dipikul..
p/s : Biar org org laen plak rasa beban itu
p/s : yaaa...Life is full with Karma..!!..
p/s : Kau Rasa pelan2 ya boi...kenyang boi..kenyang..!!

***Aku syg Biru aku..wakakka..
***Aliph sudah bangkit semula..ciss..

att: Jangan Bertepuk Sebelah Tangan..Nanti diri tiada nilai..errkkk..hahaha
att: Jangn bertukar2 psangan..pndai2 la tanggung pnyakit..huh...
att: Neraka wey..neraka...aishhh...

~just me

~The Truth

People should not dwell on the past Its enough to try your best in what you're doing now

Knowing the truth and the reality is so much pain and its hard to accept. But what else can I do when I do not have the ability to prevent it from happening. Now I really understand why all of those things happened. I heard you..right in front of me..a voice that I have not heard for such a long time..eventhough its not me you're talking to..And thanks to your man, he told me everything...Atleast everything that I need to know from someone who took it away from me...and now I know..even tho its not that easy for me to accept that...

But what else can I do? Nothing..Just nothing...Well I think, the stomach-aching anger that I have been keep in myself for such a long time is gone already..I dont know, its just gone..After the explanation and all..its just gone...I didn't blame anyone anymore..I dont think i'm pissed anymore...It's gone..And I think what I shud do right now, is nev…


What's wrong with falling down If we still can stand up again and started to walk as before

Good & Confident...That was the comments from the jury for my final year research's presentation. Amazing hah?.., I've been working so hard for it over a year and atlast, I get what I deserved..Anyway, thanks to every0ne for the hardwork..very much appreciated...(skimaaaa d0whh...hahaha)

p/s : Siapa sangka aliph yg rosak diluar ini dalamnya suci...wakaka
p/s : Saat2 aku brsama anda sgt suntuk..
p/s : dlm kurang dr sebulan lgi, aku akan prgi jauh dri tanah semenanjung
p/s : Aishhh..xsggup wey..aku tggu offer dr kL...dimanakah offer itu..huh..

att: I've received an offer from Petronas Methanol Labuan..emm..berat atiku..aishhh..
att: Its a dream for some people, but not my dream...I have only one dream..**
att: Biarkan aku terus bermimpi...wakakakaka...;(

just me:

Fac of r0ck

Nobody's perfect But what's wrong with being perfect If we feel happy in that way 

I was in the audition last time for the battle of the band with some friends.. Might not involved directly to the band, but I may looked like one..As usual, my job there was to give a sh0t thru my lens. Damned man, the ladies are rock...Pretty amazed huh when I have the ability to become the attention getter even while I'm shooting the s0me people..hahaha

~just me

A Famosa Short Update

History teaches us not to repeat But we seldom forget about it And did the same mistakes, again and again..

Here I am Today..Arrived in Melaka for only one purpose..To Shoot as much photos as I can for the new Photo Blog..Will be here until Monday...C u people around...Luv ya...

p/s (My photo blog)

~just me :
1 month ++ and I'm Out

One last Time~

I was supposed to have a great day today..Until that video call came in..My heart was like damned aching and the head was like torn into pieces...and everything turns out to be a funeral-like environment..Everything was raining heavily deep inside me....The sunshine goes out and everything was not okay..Was not...Then suddenly I realized that i was still the same person without any changes made..I pretended to be "Great" but that occasionally was just a Poker face..Its fake like hell...

The only thing that I asked for is just "One last Time"...but it turns out to be...(call ended)....tuttttttttt....But seriously, I need the chance just as much as I do...

p/s : correct me if I'm wrong, but i don't loggin that often to the Tagged thingy..
p/s : The society projects has been postponed next week, therefore,
p/s : I'm going to Melaka this friday-sunday (jalan2)

***For God sake, I think I have become the 0Ld me again..and Farkk I never want to be like that again…


Title : Anjakan paradigma?
Location : Cherating
Speech : Development projects for the society
Musics : Everybody's changing

Aliff was supposed to be known as the guy who often faced a life problems, addicted to social lives and a great contaminated club boy with all the negative parts....But today, an amazing moves taken...Officially, Aliff took one of the stepping stone and becoming a public speaker and a public figure...Owh great..Penceramah Bebas aitt??..OMG..seyes baii..

Once you're in You're in There's no turning back -Aliff-

p/s : Thanks to you...SIFE...I have a platform to move forward
p/s : Gilak...this is crap..aku bg motivasi??..erkkkk...
p/s : Org penting pembangunan masyarakat??aduiii...songsang2..ha3
p/s : Yaaa..aku berterima kasih padamu angin..kerana kau telah meniup diriku menjadi ****

***Next week aku masuk "site"...Projek pembangunan desa..
***Jangan main2 boi...bole jadi ADUN aku ni..wakakaka...

~just me:

1 month 5 days for the contribution...and I'…


Kesulitan....Seluruh kesulitan dalam hidup ini adalah sebahagian daripada suatu aturan yang sempurna dan sifat yang paling pasti dari sistem tatasuria ini..Tidak semua yang dapat dihitung, diperhitungkan.. Dan tidak semua yang diperhitungkan, dapat dihitung...
Kebelakangan ini aku menyepi tidak bermaksud aku sudah mati. Aku menyepi kerana aku sibuk dengan dunia khayalan aku sendiri..Menanti impian besar menjadi kenyataan...Walaupun ia tak kunjung tiba hingga ke hari ini...Tidak mengapa, akan ku teruskan hidup ini bersamamu angin....(terharu aku baca entry2 sastera aku ni..aishhh...hahahaha)

1 month 20 days left and I'm 0ut...

*p/s : Org kata, page aku sudah tidak hidup lagi kerana aku tidak seaktif yg dulu..erkkk...oittt..!!..salahkah aku jadi "jiwang" bernukilan kejap..caittt...Aku makin lama makin tua weyy...asyik aktif setiap ari patah jgak tulang belakang aku nti..hahaha..

~just me
Akulah sang pemimpi

Laskar Pelangi~

Tanpa mimpi, orang seperti kita akan mati. Kita tidak akan mendahului nasib.!!..Ayuh lakukan yang terbaek di sini...Dan kita akan berkelana ke setiap pelusuk mimpi..Biar apapun yang terjadi, kita hidup kerana kita mahu terus bermimpi indah...Dan senyuman akan selalu terpahat diwajah...

Mimpi adalah kunci
untuk kita menaklukkan dunia
berlarilah tanpa lelah
sampai engkau meraihnya..

Jika kita ditimpa buah nangka, itu artinya memang nasib kita ditimpa buah nangka. Tidak dapat sedikit pun dielakkan. Dahulu, jauh sebelum kita lahir, Telah tercatat dalam buku kehidupan bahawa kita memang akan ditimpa buah nangka. Perjalanan hidup kita sudah ditentukan sebelum kelahiran kita lagi. Tapi itu tidak bermaksud hidup harus menderita bukan?..Teruskan menjadi sang pemimpi...

Menarilah dan terus tertawa
walau dunia tak seindah surga
bersukurlah pada yang kuasa
cinta kita di dunia

~just me
Akulah Sang Pemimpi