Empty Subway

Title : empty
Ph0t0grapher : wh0 am I
Mo0d : mengenangkan kisah lama
Music : subway

You have to take care of yourself
when no one else does
That's what makes you a surviv0r

*p/s : seriously? I should..The w0rld is just a lie....

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff


W[A]NZAI said…
haaa..relax n refresh! itu yg pnting..

ko penah dgr quote ni x,
..love urself 1st b4 u love others..

erkk ape lak yg aq mrapu mraban neh..
benazirjb said…
enjoy. hehehhe. looking good bro! ;)
Ejay said…
wait.. wait..
mana entry sblm ni yg pasal perfume tu?
rasanya aku baru je komen td.
what happened?

l0ve urself b4 u l0ve others?haha...yup, heard dat b4..btul2..aku stuju..haha

seriosuly trying 2 look g0od..c0z as i said..just wanna have a lucky day 2day..haha

owh..dat post..just 4 temporary..xleh appreciate org lme2..kang org pkir len lak..hahaha..

anyway, i just l0ve th0se perfume..seriously
kHaiEysHa said…
veeerrryyy ttrrruuee!
tengku_fir21 said…
terlepas lorr entry perfume tue!!!

tk per
back to this entry just be proud with our self with our problems with created because that's we call experianced

hehe..very true hah..?...indeed..i l0ve d way i am..haha..ehem...(mintak puji plak aku ni..)..haha

owh..k0 tlepas ek..xpe2...xde ulang tayang..haha..

yup, s0metimes we shud pr0ud wit wat we are...i agree..but s0metimes we have 2 b free fr0m all 0f dis misery..bukan pe..penat d0wh pkir2 mlmpau..burden 0tak je..haha..

s0, kita enj0yyyyyyyy...hahaa
Anonymous said…

wat hmmmmmmmmmmmm...?.......
LeeYa said…
ray byk sgt sastera dlm idop..

hehe...nop, i d0 n0t like sastera b4..but f0rce me 2 liking it..

well, dear Leeya, i think i'm just tired 0f being to0 much caring 4 other people..c0z in d end, its me wh0 will eventually get hurt..

i d0nt kn0w..maybe, n0t every0ne in this w0rld seems t0 understand d real meaning 0f appreciation..

they will, but after they've l0st what they have...we r just human....

(owh go0dness..i'm talking crap again..maybe i just missed s0me0ne)
Wan SheVa said…
yes..do it wateva u 1 2 do..
live ur life to d fullest bebey..
wan sheva-

sure d0es.he3..
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
hmmmm..ulala lala lala..

emm..nop..dats n0t d word..
LeeYa said…
take it easy ray..
dz is our time man,
jgn la down sgt just bcoz of da thing yg u pun expect.. normal thingy..
just ignore ppl perception,
if u do care about sumone, its good la kan, even die x appreciate pun, at least u still hv those feeling..
jgn jd org yg xbperasaan langsung..

ok maybe dah over ur limit,

Rlationships r like glass, Sumtimes its better 2 leave them broken than try 2 hurt urself putting it back together....

u r party peeps,
dont messed up ur life..

wow..really motivating..seriously aku appreciate..hehe...

and aku suke ur quote...

"Rlationships r like glass, Sumtimes its better 2 leave them broken than try 2 hurt urself putting it back together...."

dlm d0wh mksud..izinkan hamba simpan dlm koleksi quote hamba..hehe..

yes indeed..i am a party peeps..s0, kita enj0y..hehe..

its very nice dear...thnk u
LeeYa said…
beta izinkan....

hehe..bgus2..hehe..hamba dh copy dh...

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