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Perut boroi

Title : Travel again
Ph0t0grapher : Orang awam
Music : All American Rejects (dirty Little Secret)
mo0d : Enj0yed

Description :

Traveling makes me feel s0 much comfortable and free. Goodness, a last minute decision turns out t0 be 0ne of the best and s0 much beautifool. Damned, I'll never f0rget this 0ne c0z it makes me free fr0m the "The East Coast culture". Well it is because I do not enjoyed myself here. s0 much farking idiot memories and I hate it t0 the maX.

I go around a time or two,
Just to waste my time n0t t0 think of you,

Throughout the journey, there s0 much thing I've seen
Fresh air, c0l0rs & Freed0m.


*p/s :woit anda2..lama d0wh aku xupdate bl0g
*p/s : Aku bz travel d0wh. Perghh..Puas ati bai. Damned enjoyed
*p/s : Walaupun aku xska nek bas..(12 jam)..fark pe lme sgt..ha3
*p/s : Lihatlah muka tens aku ddk dlm bas lama2..aishh
*p/s : Perut aku boroi..perut aku boroi..perut aku boroi
*p/s : Habis mknan kt penang aku sapu..kakaka

***L0ve ya Penang. Traveling a…

Tangan haram..

Title : Into your hand
ph0t0grapher : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : The Academy (Skeptics & true believers)
Mo0d : t0uched

Description :

Young age makes me act freely and do whatever I wanna do. I d0 not have any responsibilities or burden t0 carry on. But as the time passed, n0w I realize that I should be h0lding on t0 this. My responsibility in the w0rld I live in t0day. I might never think of it bef0re. I kept on d0ing stupid stuffs and never appreciate life. Enjoyed t0 much, get drunk, smokes t0 the maX, doing illegal & prohibited stuffs etc2. C0nsequences?, was just an0ther st0ries.

God created hands f0r many reasons
Its the most beautiful gifts we ever had
Imagine 0urselves with0ut it
 h0w are we supp0se t0 t0uch the tenderness of the w0rld?

T0day might not be 0urday
We feel d0wn, we feel the pain and we cried t0 the last dr0ps
But t0m0rr0w is a different st0ries
It is us, wh0 will paints the wall
If we col0rs it sincerely, then it will lo0k s0 much beautiful
s0 much beautiful...…


Title : berbakti sebelum mati
Ph0t0grapher : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : Listening t0 Param0re (try test selera)
Mo0d : *Pengsan..(semangat cipta Quote)

Description :

I'm n0t a poetry f0r I am just a true sinner. But I will try to create as many qu0tes as possible f0r the th0se wh0 needs it and as well as f0r me myself. Because I believe that, a sentence of w0rds c0uld change a pers0n's lives.

f0r the smile and laughter we have shared, f0rget me
f0r the happiness and promises we've made, f0rget me
f0r the hugged and kisses, f0rget me
f0r the tears and  loneliness, f0rget me
f0r the sake of y0ur happiness, f0rget me

c0z your happiness is all I asked & wished  f0r


*p/s :Terima kasih kerana sudi mndgar rintihan hina aku
*p/s : Aku xknal anda2 ni siapa & aku xmo tahu lebih sal anda 
*p/s : Tapi anda2 adalah insan paling berharga bagi aku
*p/s : Ciss..aku mmg suka quote "aku insan hina"
*p/s : Kerna prcylah, aku mmg hina dri anda (aku lagi kcik dr anda)


Aku & makianku

Title : Masa utk maki2
Photographer : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : The Academy Album
M0od : Demam la dol

Description : 

I almost succeed in my research to find the best chemicals to prevent explosion fr0m occur (Akulah pakar bom..wakakaka). Eventhough I have to do the research al0ne and its like hell al0ne, but I enjoyed doing it. And thanks t0 that "farking" pers0n, you make me running through the rain t0 catch you up...ciisss.

Anyone can give up
it's the easiest thing in the world to do

But you must believe
That 0ne day when you wake up
There will always be s0me0ne and s0mething
that will makes your life happier
 Than anything else in the wh0le w0rld

So don't ever lose hope and give up
everything will turns out to be okay
And that day, you will start to live again

*p/s : W0it anda2 yg bengap..!..yg anda l0se h0pe ni pahal?
*p/s : Sakit hati aku baca entry2 anda yg mcm haram berputus asa
*p/s : B0d0h, aku ada menghiburkn anda..walaupn aku mcm sial, tapi aku ada
*p/s : Aku sanggu…

fL0wing Water

Title : fL0wing water
Ph0tographer : wh0 Am I
Music : 0ne dr0p
Mood : L0vely

Description :

ahakz..aku delete dh posting lama..xbest..aku tertekan baca..kakaka..So aku buat sajak utk anda semua sambil mnikmati ari ujan..ahakz..

When life seems overwhelming
d0n't feel d0wn.

Heads up, and look straight ahead
Its n0t an easy w0rld that we live in today
and we need t0 be strong in 0rder to survive
we can't give up no matter how

Look at the water
Look at the streams
d0es it stop in the middle of the way?
does it stop just like that?

It will be
0ne day when it should be
but not t0day
not f0r the time being..


*p/s : seyes aku karang sendiri d0wh..
*p/s : dh publish dh sblm ni tp bukan kt bl0g aku..ahakz..

****you're s0 beautifool...lalalalala

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

EmaiL :

safety first

Title : A life t0 spend
ph0t0 gallery : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : Dashboard c0nfessional (Vindicated)
Mo0d : Sleepy

Description :

4 in the half years of finishing the bachel0r ain't easy. But as the time passed, It actually reminds us h0w w0nderful life is that we should appreciate in every single way and h0w stupid we are in making decision s0metimes. But that what makes us human. Experiences... It is a process of learning. I like this statement:

h0w d0 you learn t0 speak?
by speaking
h0w d0 you learn t0 walk?
by walking
but if you fall d0wn?
d0nt give up. stand up and learn t0 walk again until 0ne day you can run.

*p/s : I 0ften made a stupid decision. But that is the process 0f learning right?
*p/s : I d0nt mind if I failed and I d0nt mind if I lost everything, as long as I have faith in me
*p/s : Tiba2 hatiku ingin berkata2..biarpun aku ini hina, aku hingin jgak..hahaha..
*p/s :Anda memang sengal sbb mbuatkan aku bpikir pnjang di pagi buta ini..

***adehh..ngah bpikir masa depan aku n…

hatiku hancur

Title : Ka0la
Photographer : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : Broery Marantika (Layu sebelum berkembang)

 Description :

-Ni gmbr anak aku yg aku syg
-Klw anda teliti, telinga anak aku ni besar mcm telinga gajah
-setiap kali aku tepon, dia msti tanya aku, "apak, apak g mna?" (dengan bhasa yg aku pn kdg2 xpham). layan sudahh..hahaha
-Tapi anak aku kuat mkn. suka mncuri mkanan kt peti ais bila tiada kawalan rapi penjaga dapur.ha3
-Then when people saw it, dia buat2 xtahu..xnk ngaku syiall..haha

*p/s : anak aku bcita2 mnjadi penyayi kelab mlm sbb kecik2 lg dh tahu nyanyi lagu ni :

Hatiku Hancur
Mengenang Dikau
Berkeping-keping jadinya
Kini Air Mata
Jatuh Bercucuran
Tiada Lagi Harapan

-Broery Marantika-

*p/s : xtahu siapa tenaga pengajar. sakit perut aku tgelak bla dgr dia mnyanyi
*p/s : she's almost 4 years oLd & aku xdftar pn lagi surat beranak anak aku ni..adehhh.

***Apak adalah aku...
***Jgn tanya dari mna datangnya ank aku ini. paham2 sndri la wei..ha3

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

EmaiL : …


Title : Explosion prevention
Music : Cradle of Filth (hell awaits)
Purpose : utk slamatkn dunia dr bom

Description :

Its g0nna be a busy day n0w. Have to stay back and work in that research paradise factory to settle up everything. FYI, i'm doing a research on gas explosion and as a researcher, I have to find a way how to stop the explosion from occur. I'm trying to save the w0rld here my friend..hahaha

The poor wish to be rich
the rich wish to be happy
the single wish to be married
and the married wish to be dead

*p/s : Aku dlm process nk jadi pakar letupan (ahakz)
*p/s : Klw anda2 perlukan prtolongan aku utk bom reban ayam anda,kol aku
*p/s : Sok aku start research aku bmain ngn bom. (sounds v0ke.ka3)

***Kiranya aku tidak kmbali jgn rindui aku kerana aku mati tersenyum bermain bom..kakaka
***Abaikan mulut aku yg sundal ini. aku xmo mati memegang bom..ha3. jampi gua spaya slamat..lalalala

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

EmaiL :

Aku yg hina

Title : Travelling
Traveler : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : Kenny G meLody
Mo0d :Remembering mem0ries

Description :

Here I am, in the middle 0f nowhere. Keep on looking and searching f0r the things that I've lost. Missing the go0d oLd days when there was n0 pain, n0 life-struggle and nothing else but the sweetest. How am I suppose to get it back.?.Its to0 late isn't it..And I regreted it...

"to0 much change f0r the bad things"

*p/s : Klw anda2 tidak mahu mnjadi kwan aku lagi, aku memahaminya..
*p/s : Tinggalkanlah halaman aku yg hina ini..(termenung, sambil r0k0k2).huuu

*** Dear God, please d0 not forsaken me..

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

EmaiL :

Bubble party

Title : Saturday night
Mo0d :Chill
Music : I g0tta Feeling

Description :

Sitting around and w0ndering with0ut a purp0se is just a waste 0f time. Why should we care ab0ut what people wanna say? Being such a barbarian with0ut lo0king at the inner site 0f ourselves is seriously reflecting what we are. Just say what you wanna say, while I'm enj0ying myself t0 the maX. I kn0w exactly what t0 d0 and when t0 st0p.

I travel around the world and even sail the seven seas
Across the universe I go to the other galaxies
I navigate myself to the place that I wanna be

I travel uptown I travel downtown
And in the end, I feel s0 happy

*p/s : Aku xpham mngapa anda suka brkata2 bgaikan anda seorg yg trlalu baik
*p/s : Mcm aku lak yg trlalu hina. Baik..Aku terima dgn hati terbuka
*p/s : Tp igt, bkn aku yg mulakan dahulu. brtepuk sebelah tangan xkan brbunyi
*p/s : Anda teruskn berkata2, aku hanya berserah kepadNya
*p/s : Yg pntg aku kmbali ke landasan yg sepatutnya aku berada
*p/s : Just ign0re th0se barbarian
*p/s …

Letih "ber0nani"

Title :Stop 0nani
Player : Gassers
Mo0d :Pasrah
Music : Black eyed peas (Meet me halfway)

Description :

D0ne with bo0ks and calculat0r. N0w its time t0 chill. Party Peeps, lets have s0me fun..0h dear, its been a very t0ugh day t0day. Goodness, I can see my destiny n0w. The dance fl0or is waiting ahead. 0h yeah, I'm c0ming darling.

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge?
c0z I just wanna be happy..

*p/s : Paper aku hari ni pnuh dengan kekesalan. Dituduh plagiat. Aishh..
*p/s : Aku xmniru wei. Dh sah2 0pen bo0k exam. 0f crse la aku rfer b0oks
*p/s : Sakit jntungku mndngar dntuman buku yg dicampak2..
*p/s : Anyway, ada baiknya aku men futsal utk melegakan hati dari ber0nani
*p/s : Mlm sket b0le la k0t ber0nani sblm tid0. (Sundal & b0ng0k). ka3

***xske pngwas exm tu sbb mreka xtahu akn kwjudan 0pen book exm.adehh
***33 0rg engineer gas thun dpan lesap dtelan underwear aku. Aishh.ha3
***End 0f m0nth i'm travelling aL0ne. damned..…

Rise fr0m d death (18sXX)

Title : Behind the stage (18sXX)
ph0t0grapher : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : David Guetta feat Ak0n (sexy chick)
m0od : rise fr0m the death

Descripti0n :

I'm rising fr0m the death that I've created my 0wn. Was s0 pain in the ass but I deserved that.. F0rget it, the next step is t0 l0ok f0rward and bec0ming beTter than bef0re

"Y0u can Play 0n me
But y0u cAnn0t Crush my hEart"

*p/s : Aku patut buat s0me j0b behind d stage
*p/s : Aku bukan murahan tapi aku buat apa yg aku suka
*p/s : En0ugh with the stupid l0ve st0ry, what is's just fark..
*p/s : n0w its time t0 laid & get laid. ehem..lalala
*p/s : Aku dh bljar byk skill & p0sisi. Vide0 pn aku dh rkam..ka3
*p/s : Ya...Aku sgt h0rny ketika ini..kakaka..(merapu kesengalan)
*p/s : btw ,ngh wat baner-link anda2 yg aku syg.Mahu?send aku gmbr anda

***Abaikan entry b0d0h aku ni...saja merapu keb0sanan
***y0u want me, c0me and get me.(bdget h0t.. Ada aku ksah)..Lalalala..ka3
***Maafkan aku kerana bersikap b0d0h &…

underwear II

Title   : Excess Underwear
0wner : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Music : David Guetta feat. Akon (Sexy Chick)
Mo0d : Self Rec0very

Descripti0n :

Maafkan aku sebab terlalu berem0si pada hari itu. Pad aku b0c0r lagi. Kali ni tiada siapa yang ingin belikan pad baru untuk aku. Maka berkembang & b0c0rlah "bulan" aku. Ka3.

Anyway, anda2 semua, Izinkan aku mencuri gambar2 anda yg aku sayang utk aku edit2 dlm macr0media aku dan dijadikan link-butt0n kt bl0g hina aku ni. Ini shja yg mampu aku buat utk mghargai kasih sayang anda pada aku..hahaha

I am way behind 0thers
But sh0uld I give up just Like that..?

*p/s : Maafkan aku kerana 'bersumpah' K*ling..aishhh....
*p/s : ketuk kpla aku ngn pad penahan keb0c0ran.lalalala

***nyway anda2...ini emel aku lau anda ingin send gmbar anda @ ym aku..lalalalala

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

underwear again

Title : Wasn't the 0riginal p0sting'
Mo0d : c0nfiused
Music : Mix

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

Al0ne Traveller..

Title : Travel Al0ne

Mo0d : Pasrah

Music : S0 l0ng Anthem (unkn0wn)

I stand and she comes running into my open arms
Tightly I squeeze, hoping to hold her forever
She looks me in the eyes and tells me to wait no longer

Then she wipes away my tears
I kiss her with my long forbidden lips
Meanwhile I smell the fragrance of perfect.
Forever I taste, the fragrance of perfect.

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff


Title : Deleted

Ph0tographer : Aku

Mo0d :Salahku

Music : Fikirlah (Aizat)

Tiada guna cipta sebuah cerita
Kalau kisah kita hanya sementara

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

Ridiculous me..

Title : Taking Fresh Air

Mo0d : Fresh

Music : Happy (le0na Lewis)

Some0ne have t0ld me
You have t0 take the chance
st0p c0mplaining
and be as happy as you want

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

Luv Al0ne..

Title : Luv?
Reason : N0 m0re reas0n
Music : Watcha say
Mo0d : en0ugh is en0ugh

N0 m0re "sajak" sepi
Because it means n0thing

just me :

rAy jR....@....Aliff

Empty Subway

Title : empty
Ph0t0grapher : wh0 am I
Mo0d : mengenangkan kisah lama
Music : subway

You have to take care of yourself
when no one else does
That's what makes you a surviv0r

*p/s : seriously? I should..The w0rld is just a lie....

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

hAti pAnAs..

Title : h0t tempered
Time : 4am
Em0tion : seriously unstable
Music : nyhmtamine (cradle of filth)

I cant believe it my eyes
that f0r all these time
you just fake it

*p/s : And n0w I kn0w what was it that you think..And I regret it..

just me :

rAy jR....@...Aliff

Green CL0set..

Title : Baju pinjam
Ph0t0grapher : Aku
Music : co0kie jar

Was s0 sweet and amazing
Even f0r temporary

*p/s : I'll return it t0 you later. just lemme kn0w when. and vice versa. d0nt frget mine

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff