you die I die...

Title : Just me
m00d : ntahlah...serabut..(sbb baby hati luv xmsg kot..haha)
Music : Cycl0ne (feat.T-Pain)
Compliment : Pujian utk ch0tz sbb buatkan "Link card" aku kt bl0g dia. Appreciated

Description :

We (aku & honey) had a c0ntact recently. (kind of giving me h0pe)..but in the end of the c0nversation, she just make me sUcks myself again. well, whatever. As she said 2 me by d end of d c0nversation :

H0ney : I d0nt b0ther anym0re...(end of the c0nversation)

(it's just a few messages. She never dare to pick up the ph0ne when i called her. Maybe she have her own reason...and i should understand that)

Ikutlah. I d0 care ab0ut her every single day. but I'm a human as well, n0t an animal to be treated like that. or maybe, i just deserved that...(please forgive me God for I am a sinner)..Anyway, entry ni bkn utk mgaibkan siapa2, tpi sbgai teladan buat aku...

I think she remember this one:

(In Along's house)~*Along is the money lender

Aku : Sir, could you please lend me s0me money..I urgently need it
Along : Owh...what kind of emergency is that?...
Aku : Emm...its me..I need it to settle s0me important things..(actually its f0r h0ney)
Along : Alright then..if u say so..then h0w much do u want?
Aku : About rm2500.00
Along : Sure no problem..but u have to remember, I give you 2 months to pay all of it..
Aku : Thank you there any charge?
Along : Naahh..d0nt're a friend of mine...And I like you..
Aku : huh?...emm...Thanks again sir...(Mampus r pe dia nk ckp masa tu..yg pntg i got d money)

(With h0ney)..

Aku : hon, i know u need this money to pay f0r the things u need to pay
Honey : hah??...where u get this money..?..what did u do..?
Aku : Its okay long as ur problem settle, then i'll be happy too
Honey : emmm....okay then...

(actually honey men0lak jugak..but I insist..Well, when u l0ve s0meone, u'll d0 anything)

(Months later)..

Along : Hell0 there my what's d money pe citer?
Aku : Yes sir..could u plz hold on for another more month?...just gimme a little bit more time plz
Along : Ni ape kes ni?...U ckp nk bayar as soon as possible...I dh tunggu lama dh ni..
Aku : I know...tapi I dont have d money n0w...
Along : Oh more time f0r you...Unless you could do something 4 me 2 pay back what u owed me..******
Aku : huh??....I'm sorry sir..I dont do that job..u just h0ld on and i'll get your money ASAP..
Along : Ini kes tipu nie.....Then i'll see u in court..

(its a damned torturing pressure...Haraaamm...then aku kol Honey at that time so that I could calm myself d0wn..)

Aku : eLO hon...(then aku tell her everything...atleast aku rasa relief sket)
Honey : time i asked u where u get the money fr0m..but u nver tell now it's non of my business...
Aku : I dont asked anything fr0m u hon...just gimme a little bit support..back me up..that's all i need
Honey : huh...Whatever..(sambil buat muka..)
Aku : Tapi klw kes ni masuk court..?...then aku masuk jail mcamana..?
Honey : emm..then klw mcm tu, hujung2 mggu aku ada masa, aku dtg lawat ko r..
Aku : speechless....sayu hatiku.....;(..

(Betapa aku ini insan yg hina..betapa aku ini insan yg lemah..Forgive me for I am a sinner...After all yg aku buat utk dia, that's what she said 2 me..koyak-rabak hati aku...pikir la sndri klw korg kt tmpat aku masa tu..)

In the end...My parents settle all of it through legal admin..fr0m rm2500, d amount increased to rm*****...That, after I got "something" fr0m my dad....but I never tell them what is the money f0r...never..(coz, I am a human..and i have feelings)..

*p/s :This happened centuries ag0..n0w h0ney have her successful j0b and I have my 0wn contract j0b as well..So no more hutang2..
*p/s : Pengajaran..jgn berhutang..c0z its really 'pain in d ass'..dont dare to try.
*p/s : -just me-...Aku halalkan semua itu..i'm letting u go n0w..take care k

just me :

rAy jR...@..ALiff


Dino Prince said…
adoi kaw nie ray.. semakin berani kaw luahkan perasaan kaw kt sini yek..jd persoalan aku dibuat kaw nie..
cam kaw dh xkisah je org bercerita hal kaw..adoi..
tue hal dalaman kaw kaw citer kt semua pembaca..adoi..
dr segala citer2 kaw..kaw menyebbkan org yg membacanya wat andaian la bile org xdikenali kasi kaw masej yg bukan2..kaw mengamuk..
ooh ray. what kind of 'man' r u.. u r so nice guy..anyway. whutever pple want to say, just b urself. i'm interested to ur 'love' story. also the 'clubbing' story. haha. and i'll keep following u. ;)
k.A said…
well i guess when u confess about something it means u do realize yg u blaja something. jd kan pengalaman yg berguna and make sure u dont repeat it next time.
Ejay said…
Along tu suruh ko buat apa actually...?
details plz.
jeng jeng jeng

he3..dont wry dino..its been so long and i don wanna kp it anymre..bsdes, i d0nt bother wat pple wanna say..

dis is h0w i shre my dat it would b a less0n to evryne and me myself in d fture..

thnks darlin'...i'm reading ur post as well...s0 honest l0ve story?..was a past tense..cma tgl kngan..he3..

tp club story?...he3...aktif..popular kt ktn nie..ha3....(kiddin)

could hangout s0me other tme...
W[A]NZAI said…
erkkk..shock!! (0_o)

ya....aku stuju br0..sgt2 bguna...
tbe2 aku jd lelaki yg jwang..(uwekkk)..haha...xpnah2 aku mglibatkn dri ngn dunia jwang ni..haha...(xnak aku)..haha

aku nk jdi org yg apprcte moments..hah, dats d word..spya aku mghargai moment yg ade btl2...xla nyesal nti ble dh xde..hehehe

errrr.....emmm...hahaha...somtg yg aku xpnah buat...hahaha..ko jgn pkir kuning lak....(ish3)..haha

mcm ko xpham dunia along...huhuhuhu

ko shock??...aku lagi SHOCK!!!!...tpi tu saat2 indah yg dh blalu..mse tu ko akn sggup watpe i said, u die i die...

klw aku nk mntak drma hati, aku nk hati batu r nti..xla aku tkapai2 mcm burung tme2 camni...hahaha

btw gurl...i couldnt post a comment on ur bl0g...mnarik gk cter dlm tu..nk komen xleh plak...emmm..xtahu nape...
Wan SheVa said…
is it??
dats really a WOW-thingy..
hope u did not repeated the old-thingy once again..
wan sheva-

long ago..yes..but..ntahlah...when we l0ve some0ne, we could do anytg to them ryte...?...well, yes we will..

tpi as u said, let i am letting it go....

let it be, let it be..let it be..let it be..since d world are br0ken..let it be....haha..a song..nice 0ne..
Anonymous said…
to U: its time to let go someone you care, someone you love, dont look back cause it will hurt you inside.. just erase the killing memories.. because that person for sure 'regret' and in a 'fuzzy' mode.. just cross the finger for the future luck maybe you could meet each other before that person go fly aboard.. maybe it just me...
ray jr said…
just me-

my mouth is eyes is close..and my heart is aching like hell...;(
Daisy said…
Well, everyone will be stupid person when they are in love. As i said before, u will think it back again.. "its that necessary do that?" YES, for the person that we love... and now, u will ask ur self.. how stupid am i? right? cz i also do stupid things 3years ago. :-)

yeah..sure does...emmm...I think 4 n0w i couldn't say anythg...c0z i have the feeling of "not feeling go0d"...i'm n0t sure wat it is...ntahlah...
really? ooh. patut la xde org comment kat blog i yg tu. nt la i adjust setting dia. ;)

anyway i actually hava plan to go to club in ktn. especially swing. since i never went to club in ktn. (biasa around sini2 je). many pples said swing is one of the famous club there. is it true? and i've red ur post about swing. and for sure u ni kaki club jugak kan? ;)

goodness..i finally found a good reason why i shud make a lot of frens through bl0gging...and here it is..the result...finally found a s0ul mate..haha...

anyway darl, yes i couldn't agree m0re that swing is 0ne of d femes club in ktn..but well u kn0w...its kind of exclusive and most of d visitrs are an exclusive pple..i mean th0se tauke2 kedai...ehem..hehe...

anyway, if u wanna dr0p by..u might wanna c0nsider "the cave" (we used 2 called it bf)...its kind of femes as well..espcially l0cal vsitors...and u can gimme a c
kol..c0z i d0 have s0me of my frens thre..
yeah. i know dear. i think not only swing visited by 'exclusive' pple like u said ni. almost all the club that i've been, conquer by that group. yela. we should understand the condition there rite.

so could u email me ur c num. so that we can 'discuss' more about this. ;)

very true darl...our tme is 0nly f0r weekend...well, we're n0t dat type of t0kan balak yg f0r sure poket penuh...hehehe..

nmer..?...owh yeah sure..well atleast u can text me if u're hre in ktn..might n0t b a prblem 4 me 2 hangout with ya...

i just gve it 2 u drectly c0z i might frget 2 send it 2 ur email..

hre it is...zer0 0ne seven--nine three two, nine eight, one three

lumut said…
dunno why....
tetiba rasa sentap baca ni..

thanks sharing.

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