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c0okie Jar

Title : Plant design presentation
Presenter : Members
Mood : Okay
Music : mix

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

you die I die...

Title : Just me
m00d : ntahlah...serabut..(sbb baby hati luv xmsg kot..haha)
Music : Cycl0ne (feat.T-Pain)
Compliment : Pujian utk ch0tz sbb buatkan "Link card" aku kt bl0g dia. Appreciated

Description :

We (aku & honey) had a c0ntact recently. (kind of giving me h0pe)..but in the end of the c0nversation, she just make me sUcks myself again. well, whatever. As she said 2 me by d end of d c0nversation :

H0ney : I d0nt b0ther anym0re...(end of the c0nversation)

(it's just a few messages. She never dare to pick up the ph0ne when i called her. Maybe she have her own reason...and i should understand that)

Ikutlah. I d0 care ab0ut her every single day. but I'm a human as well, n0t an animal to be treated like that. or maybe, i just deserved that...(please forgive me God for I am a sinner)..Anyway, entry ni bkn utk mgaibkan siapa2, tpi sbgai teladan buat aku...

I think she remember this one:

(In Along's house)~*Along is the money lender

Aku : Sir, could you please lend me …

C0nfession oF a br0ken-hearted

Title : Bedtime st0ry
Emoti0n : Stabil & happy
Music : Akon ft o'donis (What you got)

St0ry tale :

This is a confession of a br0ken hearted who has already found a purpose in his life. Bersahaja aku ingin bercerita disaat aku keb0sanan sambil melayan r0kok murah berjenama 'League' dan dibuai lagu2 club yang indah..

5 months ag0...(babak dalam kereta waja)

*Aku: hon, please dont do this to me..Why u keep on ignoring me
*H0ney: huh..come on, let me go and do whatever u wanna do with ur life
*Aku: please hon..I beg u..Look at me!..can't u c that I'm suffer right n0w..Please hon..Why u suddenly become like this..Because of dat guy yg u baru knal for few months, u dumped me and u make me hurt so could u do dis to me..

(sambil air mata mencurah2 di pipi yang kini telah kehilangan lemaknya disebabkan terlalu berduka..)

*Honey: Whatever

(matanya langsung xmemandang aku...sambil tersenyum sinis menganggap aku terlalu murah & hina)

*Aku: Tolong la..utk kali ni je..I be…

Entry tuk k0 Lappy@baby

Title : Entry khas tuk Lappy @ baby
Photographer : rAy jR...@...Aliff
Purpose : em0e

Sh0rt & em0e :

- You always be around when I need u
- I took a very good care of u with all my l0ve
- But suddenly you make me losing my mind today
- In times I really need you
- You ignored me
- You leaved me without a warning
- Now I really misses you
- Coz you keep lots of my memories in you
- Please d0nt leave me baby coz I really need you
- Now I know dat I am so into you baby
- Aku collect all d fl0wers especially for you....

"This one step
choosing a goal
&staying to it
changes everything."
- Scott Reed-

*p/s ~ Lappy @ baby is my laptop..(n0w the black screen turns to green)..oh dear, i d0nt even n0w what c0lor am I using n0w..
*p/s ~ And baby, dis is dedicated especially for you..

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff


Title : Luv & Baby..?..
Photographer : rAy jR....@....Aliff

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day
Thou art more lovely and more temperate
Rough win do shakes the darling buds of may
and summer's least hath all to short a date

~I speak on the truth and for the truth I hold on to..You have my words...The proposal & the declaration?....Accepted!!~ (*that's what he said to his baby).

*p/s ~ I didn't copy d always plays around my head since I was in my form 4..long ag0..thanks to my english teacher...

just me :

rAy jR....@....aliff

Walk away..

Event : Site Visit
Location : Halliburton Kemaman & Gas Malaysia KL
Participants : Gas Department

Description :

Woke up around 5am in d morning, and then went back 2 sleep for few minutes...and up again at 6am..Been a tough day today..Anyway, I dont mind to go anywhere for whatever job..But i seriously hate it to pass through Gebeng industrial area..It reminds me of some memories there..

Still remember d previous entry when I talked about how I walk through d rain and waited at d bus-stop from 5pm-11pm with all d wet clothes and pale skins?..yes, dats d place...Look how I willing to do anything for certain people..But people never understand...

I tried to close my eyes when I passed by d area..But I couldn't..The heart beating so fast that I suddenly look through d window and there it was...The bus stop and I saw a beautiful white sn0wy car parked in front of a pink color house that I hate so much...but at d same time missing it so badly and I could not afford to lose it no matter h…

Entry Separa LucAh..

Title : H0t dAy
Location : 0n eArth
sTar : budAk Nakal

Description :

Today was a very h0t day..I have to woke-up early in d m0rning at 8am eventhough I started to sleep at 5.30am..As the master of cerem0ny for the CEO's special talk, I have t0 prepare myself as early as 9am..

I didn't wear a proper attire dis m0rning since I thought d cerem0ny would be very informal and slumber...Unfortunately, I was wr0ng..Its a self humiliating..Jeans & sleeve..?.Not a g0od example..Well, whetever...atleast I g0t a free lunch with the Managing director & the Dean..ehem..(industry's big fish my man)..

And by d way, I just got an unofficial offer fr0m Dr Rafiziana (gas explosion expert) to bec0me her contract research officer (RO)..?..I think...?..emm...I think I would consider on that since she's doing her research on gas explosion and I am so into it...Eventhough I'm currently working as a contract research assistant (RA) for the biotech project..Kinda busy huh?..

So whatever..A…

Temporary CrAp..

"A minute thought about you
vanishes all my happiness for the d day"

just me:

rAy jR...@....Aliff


Title : Part-time Paparazzi
Location : Anywhere & everywhere
Photographer : rAy jR....@.....Aliff

Description :

"Always chasing us"....A sentenced often used by the celebrity...yeah2, that's what makes them famous isn't it..or whatever....S0 don't always blame d media..

The point is, takin' photo is part of my j0b n0w..g0in' around and snap faces by faces...and I enjoyed it..

"Destiny is not a matter of chance,it is a matter of choice,
it is not a thing to be waited for,it is a thing to be achieved."
- Winston Churchill-

*p/s:~Oceanus, did u just make ur blog private?..c0z i could n0t view ur bLog..(dissappointed)

just me:

rAy jR....@....Aliff

Drag me....

"Lalalala"....I like that word so much...I d0nno why... maybe because it does makes me happy last time...oh dear...U know wat, since I get back here with my b0ring life, I couldn't think of anything interesting to do...

Everyday I would viewed my bl0g and then started to think of 0ne interesting topic to talk about..but I couldn't..I've tried to find any interesting part or event that going on lately or whatesoever..but i couldn't find one..wat a silly me...

Everyday is the same...weekdays (sleeping mode), weekend (night life)...etc2...Well, as Oceanus used to say, "you're just going through a hard time in your life"...But its been so long already right??and why I still couldn't forget it entirely??....Ahrghh...watever..

You know wat, I think it's time for me to fly in a different directions..To become more than i used to be....Well, I think for now I'll choose an aggressive social life.or whatever....To enjoy, to use, to be use and to …


To forgive is the highest value that human ever did..but d0 we really meant it when we say "I forgive you"?..After all the bad things that people ever did to us, can we forgive them and forget everything about it just like that??
N0body's perfect..and anger is just a part of us..we need it s0metimes...But if we l0ve and appreciate s0me0ne very much, no matter h0w hurt we are when they did s0mething to us, we will always forgive them...We never blame them for fact, s0metimes we even blame ourself for not giving the best to them..
It's hurt from inside..but it is als0 beautiful because thats what makes us human...
*p/s~its been s0 it u or is it n0t...*I have to walk through the rain to post this entry..because d internet in my room are damned sl0w...oh dear...
just me :rAy jR...@....Aliff

REcharge Party

Event : REcharge Party
Location : Swing, Kuantan
Members : rAy jR..@...Aliff & d geng

Description :

A madness... That's all I can say..Was held last saturday in Swing club, Kuantan..We went there at 10pm, registered ourselves for the entrance, get a free gifts and enjoyed till 3am...Well, eventhough the next day we have a softskill seminar (bengkel final year) i care..huh..

Btw we get 2 know dis 1 fellow, his name is far0Q..a "on stage recharge dancer"..Looking at the way he shuffled & moved around, goodness, u'll amazed...Then he asked me this 1 teka-teki... "macam mana nak makan nasi & kunyit, tapi rasa telur?"....U wouldn't wanna know d answer..haha.....anyway dude, u get my number already, so do keep in touch..see u on the next event...

just me :

rAy jR...@....Aliff


Title : 0Ld items
0wner : rAy jR...@....Aliff

Description :

Still remember all those stuffs when s0meone gave u and u still keep it...Yes I do..Letters, cards, presents, shirts, tie and everything...every week u received a letters, many types of...then u'll feel that u are hot and handsome or whatsoever..haha..

4 d rest of my life, I wont throw it away no matter how painful @ sweets the memories are...I love my very oLd collections of stuffs coz it reminds me of the past sometimes...I don't really remember numbers and figure, but I 'm not a type of a person who forget d memories so easily....No matter how hard it is for me, I will just keep it..Because, that's what makes me a person of milions of colorful experiences...

Today's Life :

- Undergo 2 tests today
- both are sucks..Aku xstudi, so xbleh jawab..
- Aku dh color balik rambut aku warna hitam..
- Mbazir duit bet0l..
- just me, aku buat ni tuk ko..
- xbsemangat aku sejak balik cni..
- No purpose...
- whatever happen, happen…

Maen Shisha...

Event : Missed the flight
Location : International airport
Useless person : Me

Description :

Was supposed to go back yesterday at 4pm...Unfortunately, that was not the plan. I missed my flight. FCUK..!...Eventhough I still have 15 minutes before d departure, I couldn't get it...Idiot me...what a careless situation...The ticket were totally burned..Pekak telinga aku kena ceramah ngn ayah aku...He's really mad....Siap ckp "You are totally insane.!!..pening la ko nie"...He block my financial support already....Apa lah nasib...

Never mind..backing-off but doesn't mean back-d0wn...Kuar rumah, hang0ut, main shisha and evrtg...Missed flight?huh....Seriously?...that was a stupid mistake...too much..and i'm br0ke..

just me:
rAy jR...@...Aliff