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Rambut Pilak..

Event : Hair set up
Location : Everywhere in t0wn, pantai & Saloon johnson..

Description :

Kuliah dh mula tapi aku masih lagi bercuti panjang. Sabtu baru balik uni..Wat to do..btw, aku baru set up rambut aku..member aku Johnson yg set..Gunting sket pastu highlight (bleach)....Pehh....wonderful..haha

short notes :

-Long way to go
-Thesis aku dh siap 80%
-aku dh setup ngn roomate aku dayat nk belajar sekolah pondok pasni..
-Tapi wat to do..Rambut aku dh hancur la yat..Haram..haha..
-klw org tempat aku cakap.."rambut pilak"..
-Tgu la sket masa lagi k..hehe..
-Cuti mmg happening...
-Habis tour semua dancing flo0r..Gambar2? almost 3 gig bai..gilak..
-Everything settle...Lega..
-1st time aku rasa otak aku kosong..Bangun2 pagi ari tue, All probs gone..
-Past is passed babey...Buang masa nk pikir2...
-Life is great..
-Terima kasih br0 aku, kawan2 aku, cewek2 & rakan2 seperjuangan..
-Tahniah la bg korg2 yg k0nv0..
-Masa utk mencari ikan....hahahaha...
-Aku nk kencing jap...lalala

just me:
rAy jR..…

LuQman's Post

Event : Mencari bahan hiburan
Location : Town, Sutera habour, Mall & Jugs

Description :

This is my brother's post since he's been waiting for it...He'll be goin back 2 matrix 2mrw, so I better post this by tonight otherwise there will be a disaster..ha3..

Anyway, this gathering was a very happening one since there's a lot of new stuffs to explore and enjoy....okay then, need to go for a movie with ma br0 now...

p/s :

btw, thanks 2 u & your enc0uragement br0, I started to live the way I am again....pehh, dah lama aku rasa hilang akal..I'm rising ab0ve...Gilak, lega sial aku....Story?..Next post..

just me :

rAy jR....@.....Aliff

Matured Enough?

Event : Bowling Time
Location : Big City
Participants : Some very nice 0Ld frens

Description :

A very nice day start with a very nice frens and a very nice activities...Life is young and handsome....So Chill..

*Btw, one of my frens who is currently working with DHL company asked me to post more in bahasa malaysia..Why, coz the last time he viewed my blog, he could only read the BM part..the rest??just looking at the photos..ha3.....

just me ;rAy jR....@....Aliff

Missing S0mething

Event : Raya Tour
Location : Fren's house
Photographer : My Fren

Description :

yeah, as every0ne else, raya holiday took place...Went all over the place...1st time of having my raya back here in kampong...I bet I'm missing something here. Last year was the most beautiful raya..Makan giant karipap, went to Sunway Lagoon and etc...Was wonderful...What 2 d0..huuu...

This year, me and my purple bju melayu (Johor style), my slipper that was so awefull, and also a very nice set of butang bju melayu made from pure mutiara laut...I bought 2 sets of it last year..1 for me and another 1 for my fren Aus..Well, atleast he was..biasalah, org dh bkrja..xlayan org cam aku nie..xda hasil...LIC...

btw, I've updated my photo bl0g..

just me :

rAy jR....@.....Aliff


Event : Hangout, cuci mata
Location : Rasmatas
Photographer : rAy jR...@...Aliff..

Description :

When you feel down and depressed, you need a place to chill and forget all of it..Even just for a moment, but its really worth..Some people might look at me like i'm a bad boy or what so ever..But hey!, this is what I am..As my fren used 2 say..GTH, LIC..hahaha...I chill up when I'm not in a good cndition...dats what keeps me goin...alive...or whatever..

haha...Just went there 2 chill up..nothing happened..haha...I dont do bad @ haram stuffs..hahaha...lalala....

Just Me:

rAy jR...@....aliff

R0koK dEaler..

Event : Distributing r0koK
LocAtion : 0LD t0wn
Time : MidniGht
Ph0toGrapher : rAy jR.....@...Aliff & the gEng

description :

Remember last time when I say I wanna Quit smoking? Well, i'm in d progress. But those frens are d major influences of me not quitting...i thought i'm about to stop. But once I get back h0me, they bought 2 d0zens of r0kok..haha...another 0ne c0min' in later..Not my fault baby, i'm just another victims of the m0dernization..haha...

Back here, life is like a playground..u enjoy all d pain no more stressful stuffs to think about....playing around all d time, lepak2, kcau2 gadis, do crazy stuffs and laugh all d time...Puasa?emm, doesn't st0p any0ne from acting weird and crazy..haha...

just me :

rAy jR...@...Aliff

B0n voyage..

Hang0ut at : KLIA
Time : 2pm
Companionship : Al0ne
Photographer : rAy jR...@....Aliff

bye2's time 2 take a break.....slamat hari raya to all..bawak kuih raya utk aku tahu....:(

"It's time to start living
the life you've imagined"

just me :

rAy jR....@...Aliff

Good looking?

Purpose : Going for facial treatment
Venue : East Coast mall, Kuantan
Photographer : rAy jR.....@.....Aliff

What would you say if a worth rm400 of facial treatment session is given to you for free? Well, who would say no...Went out today to accompany my frens for this session. They've registered themselves for the 1st time customers and the package was given to them for free..hmmm..

Kind of interested..but...emm.., i'll think about it. Might wanna go for 10 sessions with a price of rm2000+..metrosexual?..naaahhh, just wanna look good...lalalala..

anyway, i'm goin' back home this saturday...'ave a great holiday..

Sinner's eyes

To forgive is the highest,
most beautiful form of love.
In return, you will receive
untold peace and happiness...

Emm, I've done that part...And do I look like I'm Happy??..Yes, I am..Actions and words already speak up.I think so...But is it true?? Happy or not, the eyes never lies...It tells everything..Wat d0 u think?

It's d0ne

Activity : Undergraduate Research Presentation
Location : YBK16
Presenter : rAy jR...@...aliff
Viewers : Chem Eng (Gas Section)
Research title : LPG Explosion

Yesterday was the day...After all the hard work that we have gone through, atlast we delivered all of it to the panels..Yeah for sure some are happy because of their success and some are unhappy not because they've failed, but because they need to do some adjustment on their research. Don't worry, this is just d beginning...

Whatever it is, I've done my part and I'm happy with it..I believe I did my excellent job..Next task is going to be done..Further the research. Seriously, I enjoyed the day eventhough its a bit tense..Problems always coming by but we gassers always make sure that we had a great day...

I am what I am, & it sucks being me..but I'm happy with it coz I know I'm always the Excellent Loser..

just me :rAy jR.....@.....aliff

I d0nt care

I'm writing this post at 5.30am. Still can't sleep due to my hyperactive thinking ability. & it sucks..

U know wat? Every single day I would view my blog & every single time, I would look at the "who's coming" column. I really hope that U viewed my blog & every posts. I really hope that U came..I really hope that things will get better day by day. That's what keeping me on..

I don't like to think too much. I hate myself every single now and ever..I dont even enjoy things anymore eventhough I pretended that I am. What worse? I even dreamed about it & it keeps on haunting me every single day. Life sucks U know..

I keep on motivating myself..Let it g0..just dont free...But I know i'm faking it & I cant do it eventhough I've tried hard enough....Coz U know why?

I am too weak...too much hoping...too dependent...dats me..I dont care what d world have to say.... coz I just wan U 2 kn0w that I really do care about U every singl…