Trust Nothing..

The things that I enjoyed last time, has already becomes the things that i hate...I enjoy it no more..I guess i need to look for a new stuffs to do now....I really had a bad time with:

1. Clubbing
2. Cinema
3. kL
4. Promises
5. Sushi
6. vacation
7. friendster
8. Engineering
9. relationship
10. life
11. McD
12. Birthday

All i need to do n0w is to stop thinking...i dont have to think to0 much..i dont have to think about the uncertain future..i dont have to think about anything...just g0......without thinking...
Dont trust anything so that u will lose nothing...


Anonymous said…
cm knal je ayat dont trust anything so that u will lose nothing..hem3..but i trus with my god n my famly thts y im alwys appy lo..friends just friends they will came and go but we dot no when, when they came and when they go far2 away..its all depends on alwys get ready when make a friends..ready to let them go from our word dont trust is not accepted cz still have friends that we do not know who, that will still together with us 4 ever..remember that Allah is maha adil.and all the things that happen around us everyday always have HIKMAH to khairil izuan ahmad tarmizi please remember thats ok...hahaha ah aku da ske pangil nme pnoh kau..hahahaha..saiko ra ko pas ni...
weyh... whens ur last time go to sushi king ar? wif me n moe ea? huhu... so dat ur bad time huh? weyh, utang x byr ag... huhu...
ray jr said…
nadhir- yeah...bgus2,,,tazkirah tue..hahhaaa..

hana- no la...not wit u guys,.....aku pg its a bad time..hahahahaa....jom shoping agi...xpuas shoping nie...hahaha
Hana yg ... said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ceh, ade org tu x ngaku prince... haha...
rAy juni0r said… a normal prince2..hahaha

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