Me & Lung cancer...

Activity : Went for Chest x-ray
Venue : HTAA, Kuantan
Companionship :Alone

Description : I went to d clinic for medical check today. My cough is haunting me for more than a month already. The doctor suspected dat I might have problems with my lung..could be due to pnemonia @ lung cancer @ tb..Owh, dats sucks..Then straight away to HTAA Kuantan for my chest x-ray.

Coming back to the clinic again 4 another medical check up..The dctor said my lung is ok..clear and beautiful...She gave me some medication.Some tablets dat I did't really recognize...But no ubat batuk..dont know why..Need 2 cme back again if things still not ok..Arghhh..keep on smoking my man..(I dont wanna die in dis early level..Still not yet fulfill my dream of becoming Awaal's clone..hahaha)


Dino Prince said…
lung cancel?
i'm speechless..
so try not to drink cold/cool (i don't know yg mane betul) water anymore..
ouh..stop smoking k..
as ur friend..
i still love u.
i don't want u to die so early..
don't hurt ur self k..
be happy,,

rAy juni0r said…
haha..lung cncer in a very young age??tb some more??in my very beautiful age???owh...no3..

cncer still can be accepted..not tb..sounds disgusting...hahaha..

rokok I still can progress..but dont know y everytime depression took place, rkok is d solution..huhu...

air sejuk...arghh..I cant live without it..huhuhu...btw, i'm not an alcohol addict..o3...only air sejuk..hahaha..

yeah, I know u do care..thnks btw..hehehe
.:PENNY:. said…
huhuhu...u'd better take a good care of urself, bro!!!
Wan SheVa said…
oh sounds crap here..
s ur fren n luv u..
hopefully u folo my advice..
smoking is not d soln when u depressed..try to do sumtin dat u like..clubbing?y not..oh yeah..haha..sounds not helping here..heh..1st of ol try not involved wif smokin frens..2ndly fight it back..try to think ur future..many things u didnt fulfil ryte..smokin is membazir lah..yeah dun drink cold water..whether u like it o not..s ur beloved fren,i aso stop smokin long years ago..if u need any help fom me juz PM me o OVO me okey..hv a nice day bro!
Wan SheVa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
HaNa said…
hmmm... i dunno wat to say... just hoping dat u'll always fine, n cheerful... Cz dat will make ur frendz happy... thanx 4 ur advice... it make me fell better... tq friends...
Dino Prince said…
when i read my weirld..haha..
that will be happen when someone wrote the comment at 2 a.m...huhu

u always said dad u know me so much.. i don't know what u know about me...

wan sheva -
mmmm asyik asyik clubbing.. asyik2 clubbing..uhuhu.. parah nie..huhuhu

u know.. sometime..people never stop t0 destroy themselves.. so ... faham faham sendiri lol..
SirGeo said…
Kaloooo maW idup...sendiri mau ingat...STOP SMOKING bROoo..haha=Dlol..
rAy juni0r said…

yeah, live lives to d is wealth penny..hehe


yeah...byk lg x fulfill dlm idup..have to move on...hehe...frens r always caring...true..very true...hehe


u too..tke cre of urself..jgn tnsion2...must chill up owez..hehe


no prob..i know wat u mean..dats cool babe..hehehe..

lama xdgr kbr ko..buang batu ko arr...huhuu...yes, stop progress..hahaha
HaNa said…
sumtimes we doesnt realize dat there's another ppl care of us... i didnt point only to others but 4 me too...

yup, ray, dats true... i hv to chill up... haha...
Wan SheVa said…
nice..fulfil ur smoking okey..hope to hear any progress soon..
rAy juni0r said…

good for u...musn't think of ur problem so much...If u do, u better get rid of it fast..coz it will not let u calm urself down..dat thing will always hunt u down until 1 day u lose self consciousness and start to do stupid thing in ur I did b4...huhuhu


yeah...fulfilling dream is not easy as well..not to a lot of thing...and, d most important thing is to make sure we r on d right track...dat is d most dffcult one...try 2 live a happy life always but we just cant do dat...coz we dont have d power to decide things dat happen to us...

And yeah, I will stop smoking..just d matter of time...for now, im trying 2 rduce d amount of cggarette I take..hehehe
iManAzRaf said…
thank god ur lung is STILL clear n betfl... dey tambi...! u knw what..??? myb tu amaran tuk ko jg dr ko tuh dr itu rokok... "rokok membahayakn kesihatan" (iklan jp.. haha..)
rAy juni0r said…

thnks 4 dat...yeah, thnk God its still ok..huhu..oppss, mkn dalam..haha...ok2, dont wry, in d progress nk slow2..huhhuhu
iManAzRaf said…
in da progress ek..?? orait.. cayok2..!! hehe. mmber aku stakat neh yg aku taw, da 2org stop smoking... so, ko la jd yg strsnye.. hehe.. ganbate!!
rAy juni0r said…
hehe...aku sket lagi bhnti..hehe...aku xla addicted sgt nk rkok sjak kblkgn ni byk sgt bnda yg aku pkirkn ..susah ati aku...dats y rkok wat aku lupa bnda2 lpas..klw x serabut aku..huhuhu...

tp mkin lama mkin byk pgjaran yg aku dpt....rohani & emosi....huhuhu..insaf aku wei..haha
Lady Qeen said…

betul kata geo. Kalau maq iduuppp.... sndri tau la kan. TU adik ko tu pun, merokok juak. Sabar jak aku.

Ada prescription ubat? taruk jak dalam blog ko supaya aku leh check ubat apa yg ko makan ekceli. heheh. Ko nyer lungs photo pun mmg takde masalah.. betul la kata doc ko.
Lady Qeen said…
eh ada plak prescription sana. tapi saya terrignored sebab nda jelas. hehehe
rAy juni0r said…

hahaha..mkn dlm tue..haha..ya, adikku tu pun kuat mrokok jugak..balik2 sdh ckp ngn xdgr jgak..haha...

aku xigt nama ubat so far ok jgk la..nasib bukan knser kja pa ka..hahaha..kjlw x, huuuu...xdpt aku rasa gajio engineer.hahaha..

btw, slmat ari rya kin..balik la wei..jgn ddk indon lama2...."Ganyang Malaysia"??? komen..hahaa
宮子 said…
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