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And I g0..

And I go.....A song sang in the malaysian movie 'Talentime" by Pete Teo.....Just wanna wish a Happy Birthday (28/08/) to my long lasting friend...May God Bless you & may u live happily ever after...Will owez pray 4 u...I dedicate the song 4 u as my

-just me:

rAy jR...@..Aliff

Ice Cube....

Take the first step in faith,
by start trusting your faith,
You might not see the whole picture,
But just take the first step to begin..

Nice word but debatable says my fren oceanus..hehe..yeah, discuss this later...todays diary :

- I escaped my morning lecture (overslept)
- Lack of sleep lately, bulan nie lagi la..sbb??emm..consideration my man.
- Tension & panas sometimes tapi what to do...
- I need Ice...
- I love black but my supervisor doesn't
- Hairstyle rmbut aku ala2 belatuk ayam
- Klw tmpat len its cool & stylo..TAPI..not in this region..
- Everytime I went to d cafe, people especially yg 'baik2' will keep on STARING..
- Owh, maybe diorg kejutan budaya...Pity them..(sedapkan atie..haha)..
- My hair my style..
- Arrhhgg...act cool sudahh..ha3
- This week mber aku ajak buka puasa kt Pekan Pahang..
- I dont feel good lately..ntahla..donno why..
- Come back my spirit..cme back 2 me...plz

*oceanus, i still love d words up there...(speak in silent....haha)

Fresh Air

Event : Buka puasa at my aunt's house
Location : Bandar Ikan Patin (Temerloh, Pahang)
Traveller : Few of us..(Mr Aliff is the cameraman)

Description : This is my 1st travel photos after I bought my dslr cmra. Been travel to Temerloh yesterday. The village-like environment makes me feel so much comfortable and relief. It's the greatest thing God ever created..I drove the car for 2 hours from kuantan and went straight to Temerloh..Bought some kuih at bazaar ramadhan before stop by at my aunt's house...

Then aku drive the car back home to kuantan the same night..memang ngantuk pun pening2..dlm kol 2am cmtu...almost losing control at one point of d road...huhu...Btw, Selamat berpuasa to all...and whatever it is, stay chill babey..

Me & Lung cancer...

Activity : Went for Chest x-ray
Venue : HTAA, Kuantan
Companionship :Alone

Description : I went to d clinic for medical check today. My cough is haunting me for more than a month already. The doctor suspected dat I might have problems with my lung..could be due to pnemonia @ lung cancer @ tb..Owh, dats sucks..Then straight away to HTAA Kuantan for my chest x-ray.

Coming back to the clinic again 4 another medical check up..The dctor said my lung is ok..clear and beautiful...She gave me some medication.Some tablets dat I did't really recognize...But no ubat batuk..dont know why..Need 2 cme back again if things still not ok..Arghhh..keep on smoking my man..(I dont wanna die in dis early level..Still not yet fulfill my dream of becoming Awaal's clone..hahaha)

Crazy for 'Spontan'

Event : Bored to the max
location : Bilik Dayat
Participants : Yat, ck, sydi, ray, abe, mbang, apiz

Description : Eventhough these 2 days we have a softskill classes, that doesn't stop us from enjoying our life as a final year senior....So, since we have nothing to do, photography session took place..haha..A lot of pics actually but only certain can be reveal...danger..haha...2mrw morning I got test (gas storage)...Study??emm..not yet..Final year makin malas..haha..btw, everyone is like crazy for the "spontan" show already...OMG

Worse singer..

Event: Singing for fun
Location: Karaoke centre
Time: 10pm
Singer: Ray, Hana & Jay

Description: Cant believe myself that I am the worse singer today...arghhh...Ni smua sbb batuk aku yg xbaik2 lg ni..arghhh, mgkin aku mghidapi lung cancer. Rokok lg byk2 tyme tnsion. wahh, aku yang malang...aku bnci tahun 2009..tabah2....hentikan niat menyanyi..xda bakat..teruskan jdi pgacara tv...yeah, itu dia clone awaal shaari..hahaha

Idupku ari nie...

My 1st shot of using dslr camera. Auto shot actually. Still in the process of learning. A lot more to learn. Dayat, wan otai and burhan is helping me with it. Not bad for a 1st try. haha..

Life today is normal and nothing special. Tomorrow is the 1st day of lecture after a week H1N1 emergency holiday. Boring I suppose. huh..

Short & pack:
-Cepatlah abis studi
-Aku benci chem engineering
-Aku malas blajar
-Aku xenjoy stay lama2 kt cni
-Makin tension plak, final year sucks
-Aku dpt kwan baru yg baik ati, tapi aku bdak xbaik, so bter jgn kwn aku..haha
-Sorry fren, tapi sejarah membuktikan aku nie mmg kwn yg xbaik
-So jgn tnsion2, senyum2 slalu. ko brtuah sbb xknal aku lama2
-Aku xsuka org mngenali aku ngn mndalam & tahu evertg sal aku..he3
-I dont lie, tapi aku xsuka berkongsi detail diri aku dr dulu smpai skg
-U know it then keep it, ends there. just dont ask me again
-Jgn tanya byk2, jgn siasat byk2, xbest..he3
-Hidup aku is hidup aku, hidup org is hidup org, aku, sounds jahat..he3

August 28th...

Atlast I have fulfill my words. I've promised to buy a set of dslr camera. So today, indeed I bought it with my own money. Costs me few thousands but it's worth. Nikon, and I forgot what modal it is. But I named it Mr black. Its not that advance enough nor good enough, but this is what I can afford to buy. Now I have to start on my emergency savings programme. What ever it is, the most important thing in my life is to fulfill whatever promises that I have made no matter how hard it is....

Actually, Mr black isn't exactly for me myself. I love taking photos because somebody taught me to. I'm addicted to photography because somebody encouraged me to. I will never stop taking photos because that was that somebody's hobby and I will always remember that. And today I made it. As I have promised. Whatever it takes, I will get the dslr camera. And I made it...!!..Thank God...

August 28th will always be remembered as the most important day for me. The day Mr black will be bo…

Forgive Me.....

My fren, I am so sorry for the things i've done..I am the one to be blame for everything...You helped me a lot and I just dont know how to appreciate it...You taught me to be the person I'm suppose to be and I really appreciate it...

Things dont come the way it suppose to be...and I regret it...I am so sorry my fren...Even until today, I still keep on blaming myself for being so harsh on you...Im just so stupid...

We share lots of things together..I just dont know why suddenly I really wanted to apologize to you and I really need your forgiveness...Maybe I am way too selfish and bad tempered last time...I'm sorry...Sorry....

You helped me a lot already...In times I really need financial support and as well as moral support, you always be a fren to help...But what had I give you in-return? I punched you into the face....I made you bleed a lot...I knock on your head....I break into your house....I broke you window....Im just so stupid....I am so sorry my fren...I just dont know…


This is my new hobby and its fun..Almost all of my classmates do play this squash game and some of em even getting pr0 day by day...As for me, I used to play squash with my squash-mate, dino & frens...It was fun actually...

But for n0w, I have to frget about it 4 a while since evertg is somekind of bz with the H1N1 thingy...Therefore, all we need to do now is just maintaining the body muscle so that it will not deteriorate..,hahahaa...You dont need steroid for this...all you need to do is just keep on stretch your damned hot body..always looking good....It might be useful in the know what i mean..haha

Not an issue..

Just got back from kL for the 2 days Shell Management Course..Yeah, as usual, it's all about recruitment...Exhausted...Not in the mood of talking about kL right now...the city is damned crowded and I dont seems enjoying every second in kL oredy....huuu, exhausted...

here I am now sitting next to my laptop, trying to figure out what t0 do..Luckily 2mrw got no class cause my univrsty has gven us a 1 week hlday due to H1N1.....

Unfortunately, my fever is still onn and off...cough and flue some more.....idiot la this fever viral thingy....Probably next Tuesday have to go Melaka again for 5 days Young Entrepreneur Camp...see 1st la if im feeling well...Every0ne is going back home oredy..Im the only one stucked here as usual...not pity, but stupid....haha...Dont wory, i'll be going back permanently very soon. enjoying my days b4 I end it up in jail for the messed i've done...

By the way, my laptop's screen is making some negative progress oredy...Sometimes green sometimes red..…