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Stupid Fight

This is also one of the things that I've done during the past 1 month...A stupid fight..I seriously don't expect this thing.....

I know I am the one who actually started it..and I'm sorry for that...But I still dont understand why a good friend of mine could leave me alone in the place that he should not leave me like that..3 am in the morning man..without telling me you're about to left me by giving excuses of going to the toilet...we come together, we should leave together....If I know that you would ever do this to me, I would come there myself with my own transport...

I'm a bad tempered person and I admit it...I know I shouldn't come to your house and punched you into the face....I know that you're badly injured because of me...and I am really sorry for that..You're a good friend and I hope you know that..I'm sorry....And I never blame you for leaving me alone last time because I know it's your right to do that....I am sorry for y…

In the House again..

Ell0 there viewers..Long time no see..Well, almost a month ago I've decided to stop blogging to find some space and self maturity..But I've found out that I was wrong..Yes I am...So today, I'll start my story based on my 1 month journeys...hehe...

Few weeks ago I went to the Sife National presentation competition. Held in PWTC and with participation from all over Malaysia..It's some kind of a project presentation...If you think your project is good enough and if you think you can deliver it excellently, then you deserve to be there..

Unfortunately, yeah, I lose in the haa...but what to dont expect too much for a first timer isn't it.....hehe.....Come on man, next time I will make sure I get the grand prize..haha.......

My lips like sugar

Aku dh bli tket balik...few more weeks to go...(12/09)...So long kuantan..Final year project? Hell I care. Rather than spending & wasting time here, I prefer to go back and spend my precious time wif frens & family...there's nothing left 4 me here on this land..

Lepak2 & enjoy..haha...blik cni nti i got another plan..clubbin' & karoke...janji ngn kwn2...Then I got another plan g..teruskan kerja aku jd Host@mc...byk jmputan ni wei..haha..

Merata2 dh aku amik gmbar..nti la aku wat blog gmbar...Arghh, blik umah tket murah bai..offer..tapi balik cni..pehh..damned expensive...arhhh, hell I care. I'm not goin back here again..haha..anyway, just enjoy ur life while u can..ignore all d problem..lets fly free...

*utk syir0, cpat2 smbuh k...Slamat2....

Trust Nothing..

The things that I enjoyed last time, has already becomes the things that i hate...I enjoy it no more..I guess i need to look for a new stuffs to do now....I really had a bad time with:

1. Clubbing
2. Cinema
3. kL
4. Promises
5. Sushi
6. vacation
7. friendster
8. Engineering
9. relationship
10. life
11. McD
12. Birthday

All i need to do n0w is to stop thinking...i dont have to think to0 much..i dont have to think about the uncertain future..i dont have to think about anything...just g0......without thinking...
Dont trust anything so that u will lose nothing...

Anak Gandhi & Norbit..

Today I went out to the town with my frens all...Main purpose is to buy a new set of spectacle for themselves...Actually they already have their own but as the saying says, people never get satisfy with what they have..So be it..haha

Dayat beli spectacles ala2 Gandhi..memang niat dia nk beli...baru ari ni kesampaian hajat dia...hehe..otai beli specs ala2 Norbit....Peh, bdak2 nie...memang diva..Well, asalkan diorg bahagia....haha..btw, aku dapat nama baru ari ni...alif...why? emm...long smua dayat punya pasal...hahaha...

Yg pntg arie ni aku puas tngkap gmbar..tgh edit2 la ni..future plan nk buat blog photography...Posting kontroversi blm ada lg..nti la aku post klw aku ada mood....haha..

*nie aku bru update gmbar..penambahan 1 gmbar..ikhwan mrjuk ngn aku sbb gmbar dia xda dlm post ni..haha..aku dedicate gmbar ni khas utk ikhwan..hahaha

Tukang Gunting Rambut

This year is my 6th years of becoming FOC barber for my frens. Started my experiment when I was in my form 5. Aku ingat lagi member MRSM aku, Faiz. Rosak teruk rambut dia sbb aku buat experiment pertama aku kt dia...He asked me whether I am an expert in cutting hair. Then I said, yes ofcourse...Last2, hancur.. Mengamuk dia ngn aku. xlayan aku seminggu tue. hahaha..

Since then I learned how to cut a hair. Skg ni, gunting rambut member dh jadi part time aku plak. Tapi it's for free la. Aku xmintak byar anything pon. Atleast I have something to do to waste my time..hehe..

Ok, I need to go to sleep now..Last night aku xtdo smpai skg nie. Otak aku terlalu aktif berpikir mcm2. Klw indah2 xpe. Ni pkir problem2. Sakit kepala aku sbb aktif tol bpikir. Penyakit kutu malam dh nie. Cannot2. Mati awal nti. I must sleep..hahaha


It's just pop up suddenly in my head to post about my long lost matriculation friends...Well, we have a great time together..If I've be given the opportunity of going back through time, I would choose not to come to the place I am n0w...I wanted to go back in time...

I would choose the time when I was still a small kid, running around without thinking of anything...I missed it badly..I miss those days when there was nothing else to think except toys and fun...

But, face it brother..grow up and face the world...Stand up straight..that's how we deal with the world...Give yourself a second chance..the world is always cruel....but there is always a light in every corner of it...its just us to find the way...I hope so darlin'.......