Cikai English teacher

OMG, never dream of becoming one of em...Yeah, that's me and my part time job. An english teacher. But actually mine is a little bit different, usually those with TesL certificate holder will eventually end up teaching kids, teenagers or under/post graduate..But me, i'm teaching adult with average age of 30-40 years old..Mostly married women..

Well, Its a suprise to see these people to learn english at their age but as the saying goes, it's never too late to learn...Besides, I think they're quite interesting...talkative and really took part in the class..

Eventhough at the very beginning it's kind of hard..well you's not that easy to teach need to get their attention and respect first. Then they will listen to you..Well, I think I've made it in the end..huuu...This part time job is until the end of the year. Every weekend (Sunday). Last time I have only 2 classes (2 hours each) but now I another 2 classes...Which makes me kind of busy every Sunday and will be teaching from 9am-6pm..(straight 8 hours)..

How much they pay me??per hour??It's a secret...I love this job because it's really meaningful.All I hope is that, by the end of the day, they'll get something from the class and use it to help their children in the process of learning. As my friend said, I have a huge responsibility and I must not feel less purposeful teaching them because this is what we called a community,so touching arrrr...hehe..... Emm, don't worry, I give 'em my very best...


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Ray Jr said…
emm....yeah, kind of interesting..hehehe

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