Exploading Head

It almost comes to the end of the semester...Next semester i'll be in my final year..So another 1 more year to go...But before that, as usual, final exam is approaching...This semester, i got 5 paper to go through...:

1) 20/04/09 ~~ Combustion & Gas Utilisation
2) 22/04/09 ~~ Gas Transmission & Distribution
3) 23/04/09 ~~ Process Control & Instrumentation
4) 27/04/09 ~~ Electrical Technology
5) 30/04/09 ~~ Gas Processing & Liquefaction

It's gonna be tough this time..I still have time to catch-up, I hope...AJa2 fighting..hehe.. By the way, next week, our final year project's topic will be release...As I mentioned before, I already proposed my topic to the lecturer...The Effect of Suppression Towards LPG Explosion Limit...And I hope, nobody is gonna be my competitor....Because everyone have to compete to get their research topics. First come first serve and the highest CGPA will get it first...more than 100 students altogether competing to get the best research topic..The pressure is on.hehe..

Next semester we will be focusing on our final year research and as well as Plant design project..So, there's gonna be a lot more pressure and life will be haunted with lot's of research & presentation once again..Whatever it is, now the focuses is on that 5 paper....Wish you all the best....Until I Finish up all my exam paper, There won't be anymore posting for momentarily..Adios..Take Care viewers..


ikinluvbear said…
gud luck final...
aja...aja fighting...:)
a Q r a m said…
Exam is killing me~~
a Q r a m said…
Always and forever.
Ray Jr said…
to ikin..


to aQram..

yes, its killing us all..ha3
Anonymous said…
How lucky only 1 more yr to go..

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