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Exploading Head

It almost comes to the end of the semester...Next semester i'll be in my final year..So another 1 more year to go...But before that, as usual, final exam is approaching...This semester, i got 5 paper to go through...:

1) 20/04/09 ~~ Combustion & Gas Utilisation
2) 22/04/09 ~~ Gas Transmission & Distribution
3) 23/04/09 ~~ Process Control & Instrumentation
4) 27/04/09 ~~ Electrical Technology
5) 30/04/09 ~~ Gas Processing & Liquefaction

It's gonna be tough this time..I still have time to catch-up, I hope...AJa2 fighting..hehe.. By the way, next week, our final year project's topic will be release...As I mentioned before, I already proposed my topic to the lecturer...The Effect of Suppression Towards LPG Explosion Limit...And I hope, nobody is gonna be my competitor....Because everyone have to compete to get their research topics. First come first serve and the highest CGPA will get it first...more than 100 students altogethercompeting to get the best research topi…

Get well Soon & come back to us

Few days ago our gas crew went to visit our beloved classmate, Syiro. She's in the hospital because she's sick. It's really sad when we saw her weak body sitting on the bed with a little sweet smile on her lips...Eventhough it's hurting her, but she's really strong to fight againts the disease. We love her as she's already part of our family.

This special posting I dedicated to Syiro...May you get well soon and come back to us. Hope you feel better day by day...

We always pray for you...jgn nakal2 kt slm ngn nurse pelatih..hehehe.

**Updated (4/05/09)

syiro has already discharged from the hospital. After all the tests and MRI screening, the doctor has identified her disease. I can't tell you about it for it is a personal matter. Only she have the right to tell you exactly what it is. But whatever it is, she is in a good condition and always keep smiling. We always pray for you....Lets pray in silence...........................Amin..

Technical Visit to Gas Processing Plant B

Last 2 weeks we we went to Paka Terengganu for a Technical Visit to Petronas Gas Processing Plant B. That was a very good visit because atleast we can picture the things we've learn throughout the year. At the same time, I was so lucky to met Cherry, my long lost matriculation friend. She was there as well for their UITM technical visit.

Beautiful & empty

The day is always beautiful and and at the same time it's empty...nothing to do today..just hang0ut and having fun with the same time trying to get rid of all the stomach-churning deep down inside....commitment of forgetting and erasing.....moving on to the new phase of life...

Eventhough sometimes we feel down and sad, but it is not the end of our life..There's so much more waiting ahead for us to see..One person go, another person come...Thinking of a bright site and be the person you wanted to be...Start your beatiful day with a smile...Peace...