Flight View

Everytime I took a flight, I will request to sit straight to the wings of the aircraft and next to the window. It allow me to look outside the window. Looking at the sky and the flight's wings especially when its started to open wide and close. I love sky view cause it gives me satisfaction. You can see the sky, the clouds and the ground from above. Everything seems to be small and little for you to see. Then you started to wonder, is this the view God & Angels sees you from above? What if a skydiver's parachute failed to open? What happen when we get into a 'freefall'?

Well whatever it is, viewing from up above allows you to appreciate more on God's creation..It is so wonderful and magnificent. For me, flying up above means home is getting near. Heart beating so fast everytime I look out the window. Why? Because I can see that my beloved homeland is approaching...Missing it so much.


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