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Flight View

Everytime I took a flight, I will request to sit straight to the wings of the aircraft and next to the window. It allow me to look outside the window. Looking at the sky and the flight's wings especially when its started to open wide and close. I love sky view cause it gives me satisfaction. You can see the sky, the clouds and the ground from above. Everything seems to be small and little for you to see. Then you started to wonder, is this the view God & Angels sees you from above? What if a skydiver's parachute failed to open? What happen when we get into a 'freefall'?

Well whatever it is, viewing from up above allows you to appreciate more on God's creation..It is so wonderful and magnificent. For me, flying up above means home is getting near. Heart beating so fast everytime I look out the window. Why? Because I can see that my beloved homeland is approaching...Missing it so much.

Explosion Prediction & Mitigation

On Wednesday last week we're having our technical talk by Dr.Rafiziana Md Kasmani from gas Department UTM regarding topics of explosion. The technical talk started at 10am-4.30pm.
Firstly she talks about Explosion Prediction & Mitigation then at in the evening she talks about Introduction on Fire & Explosion.

The technical talk was quite interesting and a lot of input gained. I've decided to choose this topic to be my final year research project next semester. I was so lucky actually because Dr Rafiziana is willing to be my co-supervisor for my research. She suggest me to make a research on The Effect of Suppression towards Explosion. Well actually Dr Rafiziana is an expert in Gas Explosion where she received both her Master of science (Fire & Gas Explosion) and phd (Vented Gas Explosion) from University of Leeds, UK.

I discussed with my combustion & gas utilisation lecturer regarding this topic and she agreed to reserved it for me. emm, that's what she said. …

Quit smoking for no reason

It's been almost 2 months now since I quit smoking..
I started to smoke when I was in the secondary school..At first, its just for fun.."main Asap" as my friend said.We usually bought "dunhill"..

Then went to matriculation, the habit becomes worse. It cost me only 70 cent to buy a box of cigarette named "Perdana". Its a white color box and the taste was not so bad...3-4 boxes a week. Well, nobody cares cause the price was really cheap + it's easy to get.

Then, back in the university, I kept on smoking for 3 years more..This time, I changed my tasted to "Winston"..Quite expensive actually..But the tasted was ok and it suits me. So I don't mind spending money for it. I often smoke to free up my crowded mind..It does work actually..

But now, I don't smoke anymore..I do not have any reasons why I quit smoking..I don't care about what the advertisement talk about smoking habits, I don't care about the damage of my internal organs.…