You Got PunK'd

You Got PunK'd....
Here's the story..
This event happened last thursday. Everyone have to wake up early in morning (8am)..For me its still too early..haha..But what to do.Got lecture class in the morning (Gas Combustion). So everyone went to the class except one of our friend..Paiyunk is his name..He was still asleep.I woke him and he said, "can you please sign for me?"...owh..okay.That's mean, he's not goin' to the lecture..This isn't the first time..haha..

2 hours lecture for the gas subject..then have to go for another 2 hours public speaking class..But before we dismissed, my classmates planed to prank paiyunk..By telling him that we are going to have our Gas combustion test on the same Thursday night (8 pm)..Well, the actual test is on Monday (evening class actually)..hahaha..So everyone agreed..32 of us all together men and women.

Finish with all the morning lectures, paiyunk was informed that the test was on that same night. OMG, know what happened? He was so freaking nervous because he has nothing in his mind about the subject...He completely knows nothing and for sure never read the lecture notes..hahaha..

Then, in the evening, we got a lab experiment for 3-4 hours.Until 5pm-6pm. Pity Paiyunk because we can see that he's under experiment finished at 5pm...So does paiyunk..
Then I took him to pasar malam near by to buy some food...He asked me, "are you crazy? I dont even have time to study and now you're wasting my time by taking me to pasar malam?".I try to cover by saying I am fully ready for the test..hahaha.Additional pressure for him..

Went home after that..taking some rest..At 6pm, Paiyunk came to my house wearing baju melayu complete with pen and calculator in his hand...Hahhaa...OMG..he's really serious. He then started to revised the lecture notes...Struggling to understand every single information..My housemate@my classmates keep on giving pressure by giving a fake-hint..

Then by 8pm, when he's ready to go to the test, everyone laughed and said.."Mr Paiyunk, the test is on Monday evening and not tonight".."You just got PunK'd for your laziness..haha".
He was so damned frustrated and feel sucks right now. For anyone who's trying to find him, he's in his room right now and spent his time playing DOTA....


Lady Qeen said…
Alamak, hell funny!!

LOL. cudnt imagine if i were in his shoes.
Anonymous said…
He deserves it.. Hahaha..
pujah said…
hahaha..gile kelaka
Aizuddin said…
cibai ray!! ade ubi ade batas..ade hari akan ku balas....

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