Friday night

Ray, syadi, wan otai and din...After struggle to live for the whole day, its time for us to take some fresh air...Din was so stressed that day..why? Because he has been humiliated by one of our "acting-lecturer" that day.

Here's the story..
We were in the laboratory as usual for our process control and instrumentation subject...But don't know why, our acting lecturer was so damned pissed on that day. He asked us to take out a piece of paper, write our name then write a comment on anything regarding his teaching method. Therefore, everyone took the opportunity to comment...on everything. Mostly on the negative part. Its an opportunity right..Hehehe..

Finish with that, we proceed with the experiment. I went on to the Unit Operation open lab to do my experiment on the Valve thingy...The rest, they stay inside the simulation lab for the matlab simulation on first and second order processes together with the acting pity..haha.
It was so unfortunate being with him on that day..He called upon everyone who had commented him and asked them on their comments..He was so pissed-off...

Then he asked on a definition of 'X'..Nobody answered for everyone was out of mood and feel annoyed..So my friend, Din answer the question based on his understanding..OMG..that was an unwise decision and so unlucky for my friend.Why? Because the acting-lecturer resisted to listen to what Din said...

With an arrogant voice, the acting lecturer said "I dont want anyone to answer except those who got the Dean's List".....Well..what do you think my friend, Din feel after that?...hahaha...

Back to the main topic, we decided to hang around...taking some fresh air without the acting lecturer around to haunt us...As usual, Kuantan was the main playground... Taking some childish-action photos, gossips, eating and enjoying every moment we have...


waynelimited said…
Dyat said…
itu kata-kata semangat... supaya kita dapat dekan sem ni.

boleh kata adalah: reverse psychology.


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