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If you want to find a relaxation and need some space to be alone in kuantan, I suggest you go to Teluk Cempedak..It is such a boring place for the local but not to the new comers.

Today, me and my friends went for a hangout in Teluk Chempedak..Well, the main purpose is to free our mind from all the crowded things inside. I do find a peace of mind after all the problems and bad events that happened recently..Sitting on the beach and take some natural fresh air..Maybe for some people this is such a boring stuffs to do but not for us..we do find some space here. Everyone have their own problems and it is just the matter of how we deal with it.

Well atleast I feel free now..Thank goodness..Few hours ago, I chatted with my friend Trevor..He gave me some advices and provoked me to be strong..Thanks to you, I feel much better...

I viewed my classmate's blogs minutes ago..everyone keep talking about friendship and how we appreciate this relationship..Yup, I can feel it..Hope to write about …

UMP, the Best Research Award

Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2009, returns for the 8th time with the best of local and international invention and innovation in products and services. MTE 2009 is back bigger and better with more interesting & exciting concepts in recognizing excellence in Science & Technology invention and innovation. This prestigious event is an annual technology and innovation trade event brought to you by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS) and PROTEMP Exhibitions Sdn. Bhd.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang a.k.a the engineering focus university has won many awards especially Gold medal in the exhibition and proudly received the award as the Best University for Chemical Engineering research and innovation.

As the engineering focus university especially in the chemical engineering industry, UMP has wrote it's name in the world of engineering compare to the other universities in Malaysia especially. eventhough UTM and UTP are well known for their engineering courses, but th…

You Got PunK'd

You Got PunK'd....
Here's the story..
This event happened last thursday. Everyone have to wake up early in morning (8am)..For me its still too early..haha..But what to do.Got lecture class in the morning (Gas Combustion). So everyone went to the class except one of our friend..Paiyunk is his name..He was still asleep.I woke him and he said, "can you please sign for me?"...owh..okay.That's mean, he's not goin' to the lecture..This isn't the first time..haha..

2 hours lecture for the gas subject..then have to go for another 2 hours public speaking class..But before we dismissed, my classmates planed to prank paiyunk..By telling him that we are going to have our Gas combustion test on the same Thursday night (8 pm)..Well, the actual test is on Monday (evening class actually)..hahaha..So everyone agreed..32 of us all together men and women.

Finish with all the morning lectures, paiyunk was informed that the test was on that same night. OMG, know what happened…

Friday night

Ray, syadi, wan otai and din...After struggle to live for the whole day, its time for us to take some fresh air...Din was so stressed that day..why? Because he has been humiliated by one of our "acting-lecturer" that day.

Here's the story..
We were in the laboratory as usual for our process control and instrumentation subject...But don't know why, our acting lecturer was so damned pissed on that day. He asked us to take out a piece of paper, write our name then write a comment on anything regarding his teaching method. Therefore, everyone took the opportunity to comment...on everything. Mostly on the negative part. Its an opportunity right..Hehehe..

Finish with that, we proceed with the experiment. I went on to the Unit Operation open lab to do my experiment on the Valve thingy...The rest, they stay inside the simulation lab for the matlab simulation on first and second order processes together with the acting pity..haha.
It was so unfortunate being with hi…

Happy birthday din~~Gas Crewz

20/02/2009.....Today is din's birthday..Happy birthday and may the best wishes be yours....Last night we celebrated it at Pizza Hut. It was a lucky day to get a free seafood Lasagna from pizza hut as well.Thanks to you...hehehe..

When the Vice Chancellor started to speak

The new Vice Chancellor of our university is already becoming the new favorite person of the year. With a new revolution and mind setting he had in his mind, we are very much appreciate for every single aspect he consider.

The achievement of our university is rapidly increasing day by day. We've won so many medals in an engineering exhibition/research nationally/globally recently. The number of students are increasing each year as well as the number of international undergraduate/postgraduate. Simple and easy, i am proud to say that our university is moving towards becoming The First choice University, World Class Branded.

But deep inside, some aspect have to be consider by the management. Some aspect might no longer suitable/relevant nowadays in order to become world class university. For an example the rules and regulation, etc. I can't talk much about it for it is a sensitive issue and i bet everyone knows what am I talking about.

But today...everything's changed. The wor…

Happy birthday~~(Special Posting)

I posted this special dedication to my friend Trevor..Happy belated birthday..Its been a long time we have never seen each other...but still, we never stop keeping in touch. He's one of my best friend and definitely we share lots of common together.

Still Remember during our matriculation year when we used to escaped from attending the lectures..Yeah2,,,I can say that we are among the top guys in our lecture hall and everytime we absent, people will get so busy asking why..Well what to do,celebrity some people say...ha3..During the lecture, not even a single attention was given to the lecturer. We were chatting and laughing at the back..Eating about hot chicks in our lecture hall...etc..haha..miss those days.

But one problem with this guy is that, he's a bad temper. For God sake I hate his temper. There was once when I really pissed with him because of some misunderstanding. Since then we never talked.Pretending not to know each other..ha3.childish haaahh??..He nev…