A week holiday is already a gift for those who can use it wisely. In-conjunction with the chinese new year celebration, we've been given a break for a week. Planning to go back home?naaahhh..I dont think so...I prefer to stay back..
Luckily, some of my friends choose to stay as well.Thanks to them I have a very nice holiday.

Yesterday, me and my friend dayat went to the town to buy an empty glass-bottle. he said he want to put in a sea shell in it for his 'special friends'..Ok then..So we went to East coast mall..

Done with everything, Sushi King is the next destination..Itadakimase....The food was nice, the tea was amazing and the service was okay..
I got to renew my membership card and lucky me i get a voucher..Therefore,i only have to pay around rm3 for all the food...Cheap haah??hehe..after all, my holiday is not so boring at all..


SirGeo said…
Walaooo Broo!idup makanan Japan!haha..Tp sy ska Fast fOOd!haha=D..
B, Queen B said…
Kaya la budak sorang ni makan sushi king. i only eat cheap long as it taste ok..why not~..sushi carrefour..wahahha..x u've already renew your membership card..bleh la blanje sushi~!!..yosh..
Dyat said…
byk la ko murah RM10...
tu sehari punya bajet makan.
Ray Jr said…
to geo.


to Queen.

kaya??haha..sme je cam mkn kt ump..harag lbh krg je..owh..sushi crfour pun nice, u la blnje..u can use my card..haha..

to dayat.

bek ko btapa kt dlm bilik smbil mkn sotong kering ko 2..lgi murah..xyah bayar pun.huh...rm10 pun bkira..bdget sushi rm2..haha

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