Happy birthday~~(Special Posting)

I posted this special dedication to my friend Trevor..Happy belated birthday..Its been a long time we have never seen each other...but still, we never stop keeping in touch. He's one of my best friend and definitely we share lots of common together.

Still Remember during our matriculation year when we used to escaped from attending the lectures..Yeah2,,,I can say that we are among the top guys in our lecture hall and everytime we absent, people will get so busy asking why..Well what to do,celebrity some people say...ha3..During the lecture, not even a single attention was given to the lecturer. We were chatting and laughing at the back..Eating choki2...talk about hot chicks in our lecture hall...etc..haha..miss those days.

But one problem with this guy is that, he's a bad temper. For God sake I hate his temper. There was once when I really pissed with him because of some misunderstanding. Since then we never talked.Pretending not to know each other..ha3.childish haaahh??..He never wanted to apologized and so do I.One thing really common about us is that both are really2 Arrogant..Ego..
Well, what to do.haha..
Atlast, it comes to the end.At the very last day of our matriculation year, I went to his room and humble myself for an apology...haha..Well, that was the last time I ever see him.

By the way, I have 1 single promise that i not yet fulfill to him. Last year he asked me to buy him a sweater. Then I say okay..So I bought a black Adidas sweater for him. Then I suppose to posted it to him but unfortunately, the post office is damned too far from UMP and its only open during weekdays which is so impossible for me to get there due to the pack-daily lectures...
huhu...It been a year already.So sorry man. But dont worry, promised is a promise. Its just a matter of time.hehe..wait k..Owh yeah, U just turn 22..good for you..cukup umur utk khwin..haha


Anonymous said…
Hey! Thanx for this beautiful place of the Inet!!

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