The Major downfall of the world's economy

There we go...a bad time comes again as we did went through long time ago. The major crisis in our world that we have to deal with is the downfall of the economy. Lots of things will happen due to this matter such as :

- Investment problem
- Losing job
- Food problem
- Price increasing
- Lack of opportunity in every aspects of life
- etc

As the future engineer, we also face the same thing as everyone else nowadays. Everyone knows that the Oil & Gas sectors is deteriorating which is exactly the major problem to us as the future engineer. What else opportunity left for us...

The worls is moving ahead but the problem is always go round and round. People change but not the crisis..


aMMerZ said…
Economic Crisis is the sign that the world needs the better leadership to confront the boundaries. Which is why Engineers are the best asset to bring back the fortune to the world. We need to see the future in the positive outlook and Good engineers must faced the current condition as the opportunity to build themselves. I believe the economic crisis will not stand for a long period and it is time to believe the current world leaders will bring advantages to the humanity. OK :)
Ray Jr said…
yes..i do agree with that..but unfortunately, a great leadership comes with a great doubts among the society. Riots will occur, the peace disturbed etc. This is due to the politics influences in the society nowadays. Everyone believes that their leader is the best one. They wont give a damn sh*t to their opponent..The best example is Thailand politics...Riots,,,chaos,,,.. 4 prime minister in just a year..OMG.
the world is insane..everyone is doing everything for money..there is no such thing as a good deeds nowadays..Praise the Lord The Almighty..

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