Royal Military College Passing Out Parade-~-(Special Posting)

I post this special dedication to my brother Sir Redz Sp (man) who will excellently graduated from Royal Military College (RMC) Sg Besi on this coming Dec 23rd 2008. This very little boy with a very big heart is now struggling very hard for his SPM exam this coming week..May God bless him.

A little bit about him, he's in the POP RMC FORTS Family 05-08 and ofcourse he's in the military field..Well atleast for now. On Dec 23rd, he will be celebrating his graduation day, a Passing Out Parade..Congratulation!!

By next year, he will be no longer serve to d army for he will be joining the pilot training college.
Good luck anyway


miss Ayu said…
tahnih dan selamat bjye :p
Ray Jr said…
zack said…
bkn ko nk jdik askar ke dulu??kakaka
Ray Jr said…
ha3..ko nie sje nk cri psal ngn aku ek..?..ha3..aku dh tkaQ bidang skunk ni..ha3
Op ReDz said…
testing2 1,2,3..

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