The End of d Semester (Summary of d sem)

Dats it..d examination for dis semester is over..we're almost at d top now.Cant wait to finish all dis mental torturing stuffs..hehe...D most important thing is dat, ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY is already passed..Damned man...Its Over..get lost..haha..

What plays in my mind right now is HOME..Badly needs to get home now..Some people might not happy with it coz its a common thing and its boring..Dats for them, not for me..hehe..They just dont know how sucks it is to be apart from their family for such a long time..Why?? Coz they never been in this situation....Well, forget about it, lets talk about dis ending semester..

Generally dis semester is not much differ from d other previous semesters..Except we have to welcomed our new dean, our new favourite lecturer and our new favourite subject...i suppose..he3.. Most of us feel so depressed recently coz of dis one subject which is electrical technology..Our seniors, d other classes and even our juniors says its d score subject..Most of them score A for this subject..Well good for them..yeahh..congratez!!bla3...! But for us, its just a nightmare.We really hate it.I just dont know what is going on..Is it our fault?d subject?or d lecturer's fault...?..But for what i really know is dat, we really2 struggle for dis subject....What to luck..

Our sem full with sad & happiness event..Some determine to be excellent, some determine to rise-up and some determine to be d same as before...Whatever it is, everybody determine to be somebody..By d end of d day, some get what they really wanted and some failed to do so..Well, dats life. Sometimes jokes can makes us feel better but sometimes jokes can make us feel so bad... Being together for such a long time isn't easy.. We have to stick together eventhough not as a family but as a friend and as a team..That 's d best way to make our life easier....enjoying our life now...Coz its now or never.....

Whatever it was, it happened.No turning back.All we have to do now is to look forward for d next challenges dat we might deal with in d future..Who knows,,more to come...Good luck everyone..Happy holiday..Grateful to God for our good previous semesters...


Anonymous said…
have fun at home..
have a nice holiday..

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