A Journey Towards Becoming A Well Respected Debater

Inilah kisah perjalanan hidupku untuk menjadi seorang pembahas b.inggeris yg dikenali ramai..Lets go deeper..hehe

I started involving myself in the english debate since I was in form 4 and continuously to form 5.
I was once denoted as The Best Debater.That was long time ago and i'm still proud of it.

And then back in the university where I further my study,once again I get the opportunity of creating history of my life.

It was an unforgettable experiences and u know y? It is becoz I luckily get myself involved in the University Royal Debate..O My God.It was very tough and yet so advance..A Fact War..haha..u know I was so excited at that time coz the debate will be conducted by UNIMAS..meaning, we are going 2 Sarawak!!haha..damned!!Its was a good free holiday..haha

Our team went through 5 rounds..we won 3 out of 5...emm..well, like every event i went, i always get something..haha...a fan..!!hahaa...:p

But now, i am deep down into the blue ocean..A passive member..hehe..But however, things in the past was so sweet and will never erase it from the list of my diary..But yet I never stop,,because the journey of becoming a well respected debater has just began...


Asrih Arif said…
Its been so long since the last time I heard from u!

Looks like u r enjoying every second of ur life!!
bebe said…
U got a fan?
how come I din know?

Must be that cute sino-kadazan girl from upsi who trash us badly in the economy round!shitty la..yea u know i saw her again last year..sheesh.
and she remembered all of us u know!
yea..we were the team who din know shit bout the free float of yuan..who could forget us rite?
I quote: "But yet I never stop,,because the journey of becoming a well respected debater has just began"
Does that mean we'll be expecting u back?*hint*hint*

btw..u know your always welcomed to come n join our trainings..(join lah!)
This year royals in IIU.
hehe.jgn malu2 eh.

-your 3rd speaker
Ray Jr said…
emm..hehe...someone la..haha..
yeah,i still rmber dat...dat idiot economy thngy..."yuan" of china..i wish i'm a chinese citizen at dat tyme..haha...
Well,just 4 a record, of course la she still rmber us..haha...

emm...ofcrse i've nver frget bout ouyr team..miss u pple so much..but 4 now, i dont thnk so i will cme back..
lots of thngs in mind..i'm not dat good at tyme mngement..huhu...

well,,perhaps we shld gve those opprtnty 2 our juniors..they deserve it bter...

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