Tumbuk Kau..

Cerita muda bikin sakit kepala Bila cari duit banyak alasan pula Biar seringgit lama-lama jadi bukit Hidup susah tidak lagi terhimpit Apa-apa pun dari kita saja baitu..

Like seriously years gone so fast..So fast that sometimes we missed out a lot of for an example I missed my friend's once in a lifetime wedding, I missed the company's annual dinner, I missed out the once in every 25 years jewels promotion (LoL) and bla3..hak3..but the most important thing is, we're gettin' older day by day..

But hey, keep chillin' and stay cool bebeh..hak3..2015 is coming and altho it may be a tough year for all of us, pLease celebrate with joy and happiness..

My wish list for 2015: 1. No bluffing stupid ideology..Like seriously my number 1 wishlist...

2. Low and affordable living cost...Please stop exploiting the housing/property market..why do YOU feel so happy when people gotta rent to take shelter..or more and more people becoming homeless? ..ow…

The hardest Thing

You meant a lot to me Remembering back the years we've spent together It's just like a fairy tale or a bedtime stories A tale that only God knows

I'm reading a story book that touches my soul..You know, it reminds me of the past sometimes (pretending to be the character in the story..hahaha)..Well, allow me to copy & paste some of the content here...kekekee..It sounds like this:

"You know, one day I'll be gone forever in your life and won't come back anymore..?..You know, that day will be the hardest thing for me and I want you to know that..

Still remember those days when I first met you...Those days where the fireworks blooming all over the skies and we were watching it from the windows...

Still remember those days when we traveled all over the place going nowhere but we still enjoyed it..Those days where the winds blowing softly and taking us to a beautiful places on earth..

I remember every single thing we've been through...It's hard, it's pai…

You whore...

Dreams, that's where I have to go
To see the very beautiful wishes
Where hunger and loneliness does not exist

Where the stars shining day and night..Although it's just a dream

I am now sitting here @ KLCC starbuck wasting my sunday evening while doing my routine (people's view). I was walking around the mall awhile ago doing the so called window shopping thingy and you know what, I think I don't like the idea of 'Window shopping'. It's killing me...! 20, 40, 60 and even 80% Year End Sale.!!.HELP ME..!.hahahaa....(please spend wisely aliph)...anyway:
Story #1:
It's still fresh in my mind on this one..I remembered couple months back when I was attending a so call an amazing party "the Rave jungle"..You know where's the venue? National Zoo..Amazing isn't it..?haha..
Anyway, that's not the point right now (altho I seriously wanna criticize the event..hak3). Straight to the point...We (me and my mates) were standing at one corner when su…

Let Her go

Well you only need the lights when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

I was driving around heading nowhere while listening to "not really a favourite" radio channel (the DJ talks a Then there's this one song which touches my heart.."Let her go". Not so much on the voice, but more on the lyrics as well as the music itself. What's the point of telling this story Aliph? The point is, I felt so amazing how music really can change our mood. Continue with the story couple of days ago..

Story 4:

I can't get my writing right today..I have spent almost 3 hours here in the starbuck and having 3 cups of mocha..So many things to write but none of it appear here..Believe me mate, I have been typing and erasing so many time...

But I got nothin to lose since there's a lot's of chickies around here...Well, stories goes some other time then..Kinda drowning in the sea of people right now...hahahaha

p/s: it's raining outside.…

Don'T die yet

It's not youIt's me
Been so messed up lately with all the hectic life. Despite all sort of courage and determination, i still can't cope sometimes...Lol..anyway, lots of things to share with anyone altho I know this is just another lonely page...

story 1#:

 I am building up a small dream house with my own's very small with a very nice chimney, an angel potret on the wall and a farm ville sort of overview....until, one day a neighbour passed by and gave her feedback...

Concern neighbour: " this a house?"
me: " ohh yess..its just a small house..(smiling innocently)"
Concern neighbour: "euwww..its so small..why dont u just build a house instead..And what is that on the right side? that a chinese religious altar?"
me: "owh dear aunty, this is a HOUSE...and fyi, its not a chinese religious altar, it's the chimney"

Thank God I am matured enough not to curse an innocent aunt...Thank God my parents tought m…

Lari rumah~

Running away doesn't mean we are afraid Running away doesn't mean we are a coward But sometimes, running away makes us more matured

There was once when i tried to run away from home, leave everything behind, leave all the miserable life and ready to start a new life. It was very tough in the beginning..very very very tough... But as time passed, experiences teaches us to be more matured......and I survived~~~
I believed you can do it....Aja-aja fighting....!!!!!

~just me rAy Jr@Aliph

Kakak Tough~!

Shot me out of the sky Even when I'm playing cool Cause I'm dying to hear you sing
(Kakak tough..bukan gambar sebenar..)

p/s: I was walking down the hall at KLCC when I saw 1 Kakak tough walked so fast and passed me by. p/s: And then I Saw 2 sotong guy was taking picture infront of me.. ..Posing ala model bikini...damn... p/s: The Kakak looked at them and smile sarcastically (Mengolok-ngolok).
p/s: Suddenly BUMMM...!!..she hit the wall infront of her and fall down.... p/s: I looked at her, passed her by and smile sarcastically. (karma2...kakakakakaka)... p/s: Sumpah aku rasa berdosa ngn kakak tu...Sorry kakak..aku sayanggg kauu...:p...hak3

Aku punyaii patung bwrna kuning..I called her ApLe kecik..she sleeps all the time..setiap kali aku balik rumah, she will wait for me in front of the door.
Dia kuat makannn..tengah2 malam bukak peti ais curi makan...caittttt..p tdoq ang ApLe kecik.huh.;p.
I worked day and night..until I forgot that I have not been home since a month ago...and I misses…